About Me: I am an independent woman. I have worked on Technology and Development issues during my formal work years. I have been part of German Women's and Green Feminist politics during my 22 years of stay in Germany, and since 25 years now in Organic Agricultural and Gender issues. For many years I have been involved in groups working on the invisibility of Women's Work, lately of small farmer women in South India. Being born in a Hindu Kashmiri family in Kashmir, I am much interested in issues relating to peace and reconciliation in the valley, involving women of all communities, so that the 6 hundred thousand Hindu Kashmiri Indians forced to live outside their homes can go back to their homes in Kashmir and the Kashmiri Muslims, who do not follow the separatist and militant's agenda , can live peacefully with their brothers and sisters as earlier, before 1989, when the Pakistan supported insurgency started in the valley and other parts of J&K state of India.

My Passions: gender , Politics, Music and Dance

My Challenges: rural living with small farmers

My Vision for the Future: a simple, basic need oriented, life with plenty of time for singing, dancing, meditation, reading, writing, discussing with friends, being with like-minded persons, without bondages other than those of mind and heart.

My Areas of Expertise: Technology and Develoment, Gender, Ecological Agriculture, Informal Education, Yoga and Dance


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