Les femmes sont la clé pour les solutions climatique  par ceque les femmes sont plus touche par les changements climatique  comme montre l’histoire des femmes congolaise qui vit dans le milieu ruraux sont vrement touche par les changement climatique  pare exemples les femmes fait beaucoup de travail  menagère et des travaux des champs ;da ns de menage congolaise  utilse le bois dechauffage pour fait la cuine  au par avant  les femme trauve les bois plus prochain de la maison mais pour aujourdhuit les femmes font de kilommetre pour trouve les boit de chaufache , les couse de cette manque des bois de chauffage et cause par deux causes :

Les femmes de utilise les abres naturels comme les bois de chauffage sans  faire idée de  faire reboise les espace  non couvert par les autre arbres L’agriculture et l’éveur  blure souvant leur champs  et le feu abime une grande etendu  de l’environnement  enraison de trouve   une nouvelle plante pour leur troupaux. 

1 pour la premiere question les femmes de ma communautesont touche par les changements climatiaque par cequeles femmes sont charge a faire toutes les travaux .

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Thank you so much for posting about this issue, Muhorake! I used Google Translate to read your post since I don't speak French, so I'm hoping I understood you correctly.

I think you're saying that women are so important to climate solutions because women are more often the ones most affected by climate change as they are in charge of farming and collecting firewood for cooking. I think you're saying firewood is hard to find because of deforestation. Is water hard to find because of drought? How long has this drought been going on? 

Are there specific solutions you propose for restoring the forest? 

Thank you again for posting. I appreciate the opportunity to learn about how climate change is affecting you and your community in the DRC.

Warm regards,


Dear Muhorake,

I agree with you that women are important to finding solutions to climate change.  Are there any solutions being discussed for replanting the trees so there will be firewood for future generations?


Notre centre mama shujaa atrouve les solutions  pour les femmes ila fait une strategies de  donnes aux femmes   arbres  pour le faire planter elles meme   et suivre sacroissance   nous esperons une reussite dans le future  sa nous aiderons  a trouve le climat stable et reduire les travaux lourdes faite par les femmes d'itombwe

Muhorakeye Esperance

I believe that your story describes one of the reasons that women's voices are so very important in discussions about climate change. The fact that women must interact with their natural environment every day to provide resources for their families means that they have a firsthand look at how that environment is changing. Thank you for sharing this perspective!



Leslie Stoupas


Fight against climate change:

Women are the key for climate solutions because they are the most affected by climate change. The history of Congolese women from rural milieux shows how climate change affects them: for example, women do a lot of housework and farm work, and Congolese homes use firewood for cooking. Before, women could find wood close to their houses, but today, women travel miles to find firewood. There are two causes for this lack of firewood. Women use regular wood as firewood without replanting the treeless spaces. Farmers and herders use slash and burn in their fields and the fire damages a large part of the environment. As a result, they often have to find new areas for their herds to graze in.

As for the first question, the women of my community are affected by climate change because they are the ones responsible for doing all of the work.

Dear Muhorakeye,

Thank you for your post. You described basic, but essential rule - the voice of women has to be heard, because women are most affected by the climate changes. Everyday they see how the situation is changing and they know what is needed to stop negative effects. But I believe it is very difficult for them as they have to fulfill their duties when resources are limited.

Thank you one more time for your voice, sharing with us how the situation is in DRC.

Good luck for your activities!




stiuation the DRC of climate change on rural wholes in the middle going couse problesmes in the future for which women must be pridante it they who will suffer the consequence

Muhorakeye Esperance