I had a meeting at Sherato Hotel with some individual who are busy helping others.

One of the lady I invite for the meeti.g: adopted three children who lost their parents with HIV. She is not rich, but has a generous heart. She paid school fee, house rent, she feed them and buy cloths to them.

The other guy: he has a beggar friend, he visit the crppled beggar in his shalk,  sit with him, eat with him and.....he said...'that is the best hour in my life, which I spe.t with him"

This kind man, works at Hamlin Hospital.

The other couplez came wit their adopted infant girl. The wife is thedirector of Hamlin Fistula Rehab. When the hospital gave them a house to live; the money for rent, water and electricity....they are using it to feed elderly and poor people daily. They buy bread from same bakery everyday.  one day the owner of bakery followed the boy and visit the dini.g pkace. He gives the bread free, everyday. The baker is Musli?, all the people who dine together are Christians.

City counsil gave them a house to feed these people, no more paying rent. The people live around the feeding place, bringing the groceries. The couples have no expence by now.

When we start good work, we attract others.

I was amazed by all the stories.....i left my phone at Sheraton and went home.


I love my nation.

You know my citizenship?

I'm global citizen, humanbeing. 



How many people I've impacted since my last update:



Hi there, Lily

Thanks for sharing such an awesome stories with us I appreciate your love of humanity!!

"If you can you will, If you think you can not you will never"

Dear Lily,

This is the kind of news that really gives me hope. Even one of these stories would create hope, but reading about one kind person after another, doing such down to earth acts of kindness, and across religions, is really welcome news. Thanks for sending it out. I hope that it continues to expand there where it is happening, and everywhere from the inspiration the news provides.

In sisterhood,