I enjoy spreading the news of world pulse everywhere I go. Monday evening, at Sheraton Addis, I introduced WP to four famous business persons, one one of them were female. Tuesday morning, the business man post on his FB page,

" Leave men above 40, empower wo?en and youth. Promote www.worldpulse.com only."

His name is Tamiru Degefa. You can see the post on his fb.

The way you dezcribe something beautifully, people take it as it is.


Yesterday afternoon, I introduced WP to a female architect and a nurse from other country.

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Hi Lily,

I love reading about your spreading news of WorldPulse, and about the responses. It is so worth telling everyone. Your report of what this one businessman wrote shows what can happen!

In sisterhood,


Tam my dear,

you see the man I wrote about him here, has become a member of WP .

gashe tamiru

is his name.

we're not alone, we have many feminist brothers with us.

thank you Tam


Mulatwa Mosisa

hello Daer,

I'll keep taking the news of Wp everywhere I go.

Can you see the guy from next to you who commented, I told him all the sweet stories of the beautiful sisters and he joined us. He's a father of two wonderful girls, they're in Universities in the US.

He is encouraging us, and he planned to empower women and the children.

Mulatwa Mosisa

A Deep Honor to Know this Great ONE HUMAN FAMILY-World Pulse of Women Change Makers through Fellow, Greatest Person with a Heart for Social Justice, Inner Peace and Green Living, Mulitti Fellow Peace and Green Breathing Village Traveler.

I a Father of Two and many Spiritual Daughters, Women, Young Enlightened men Truly Believe  that If We Join Hands to Empower Any Woman Anywhere We Can Empower Her Family, Community, Village, Nation and the World Will Be Just, at Inner and Outer Peace and Green (Clean Air, Clean Water, Organic Foods....)!!


Gashe Tamiru,

You're here?!!!!

What a wonderful man are you!

I'm at the ECA library to open our page, but...it's not working here either.

I'm sharing all the news on Linkdinn and Twitter.


You're most welcome. Many of the sisters from WP knows you already. Great to see you here now.


Mulatwa Mosisa

Nice to have a man here. Welcome Mr. Tamiru.

We are encouraged by your presence and comments!

Best regards.


AyoOluwa Shalom

Changemaker & Encourager@ World Pulse