Ethiopian Mother
Ethiopian Mother

My Mom, Bizunesh...

There is a lot to say about you. You are my KG teacher in our sitting room. You taught Teddy and me while you cook lunch and dinner. You taught us, Basic Math, How to read and write Amharic and English. We sat for exam and started from Grade one. Nine of your children out of ten was the best student in their academic classes. You made us somebody. Your children are, Architects, Linguist, Singer, Lawyer, Designer, Author, Composer, ..etc. Your grand daughter is a published author of three books, she is a PHD candidate. Your great grand daughter is the best student for three years in KG and now she's in class one. Your grand daughter Ruhama is a good painter, you never saw her. She was born after you went to your eternal home. YOur name is mentioned hundred times in our houses. One day , my friend's mom asked me; "YOU guys can't forget that lady?"

Emma, how can we forget you? You're the lady who taught me to make dresses, to design, to make things, to read and read...and ...Wrote a book at last. You are everything to us. I'm very thankful to you. I'm happy to be your daughter.

I am very thankful for Jensin Larsen, for organizing World Pulse. I wrote many articles, many of them were published when they pass, the ....of Ethiopian Herald. The news paper goes to 178 countries where we have embassies. I don't know who'll buy it and read it. But, my name goes to those places, never get any feedback from my readers in abroad. Here, I write and publish without any criteria. I receive a lot of comments and encouragement. I I made many friends. Olutosin, Jill, Amoit...and many more sisters I meet because of World Pulse. Thank you Jensine.

CHI, my dear sister, neighbor and grateful to you for introducing me to World Pulse. The most difficult thing for some people is, to give information. Stella Mofor allowed us to attend the launching of World Pulse in her sitting room. She sent us a car to be on time at her place. None of the women became the member ...i guess. I logged in and joined World Pulse before Chi and Stella finished their introduction about World Pulse.

I'm very thankful to Ambassador Stella and CHI.

I'm grateful all the members and stuffs of world pulse, hope 99% of the employees are women. I was given the Digital 101 Class for 2017, as a digital change leaders. I'm grateful to be allowed and participate in that class.

I'm grateful for all women, girls and mothers who are willing to support others, and show love to one another.

Thank you World Pulse for inviting me to write my gratitude for all these ladies.

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Hi Lily. Thanks for sharing your awesome post about gratitude:-) I'm grateful to have met you on here, as well. May many blessings be reflected back to you in your expressions of gratitude. Have a good one:-)

Hello Mulatwa,

How grateful it is to express this amazing word "Thank you" most importantly to the person touches lives.  Thank you :)

Connect with a heart.  Live a life of empowerment. Influence to accomplished.