Amazing Women are hidden a pink bush
Amazing Women are hidden a pink bush: My painting...many women are there

Yesterday, I was attending a two hours class about depression. More than thirty women attended the class. We had two males. One is the baby boy who came with his mother, and the second one was,  Dr Atalay, a psychologist from St. Emanuel mental hospital. He was the educator. He's invited to give this class for free by one of the ladies. Aunty Ruth, is a former staff of UN, she had a feminist father and I wrote about him before, 'Dr Amanuel Abrham was a feminist father. ' Two of the attendants were from WP, Chi Leina Yivonee and her baby girl Praise. I was carrying Praise until she cried and make big noise and made everyone laugh. Depression attacks women than men, that's the saddest thing I learned yesterday. Community' s responsibilities , motherhood, pregnancy, gives women a lot of stress. According to me:  Women should be wise. You know, we see things more clearly than men. We can predict about situations  around us, about our countries, about our children and anything. Because we see danger is ahead, we get worried. We try to look for solutions.  Like leaders, I mean male leaders....when there is disagreement, they choose war as option. If we had many women leaders, there could not be any war or may be very less conflicts we'd see on Earth. Men want to show  how strong they are, even if they're bitten at the end. Women are wise, they sit and think for a peaceful option. If they start doing something, they go to the end. They don't give up easily.  

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Hi Lily. Thanks for sharing your story about the depression class that you attended. What did the women learn from it, primarily, coping skills, tools, remedies, other?