Keep walking, because you'll reach your goals
Keep walking, because you'll reach your goals: When we see people in need, let's give hands to them. Whatever we do to others, it will be done for us.


I’m happily sharing this girl’s story to all beautiful and strongest women of WP.

I know, when you see this AFRO GIRL with beautiful smile, you are thinking she is the happiest girl ever.

Or, you can guess, she has some sort of comfortable life like most of you are living.

May be , you can say…she is one of the youngest beautiful girl from one good family.

This is Tigist Ayalew. She is one strong young woman I ever meet in my life. Tigist – means- patience in my language Amharic. Ethiopians says; “A name’s given by angel.”

My brother Tamiru introduced me to this girl last Friday. He was walking to visit some sisters along …road, she was also walking in same direction. He asked her; “Where are you going? What kind of job you…?” then they sat at some café, took tea together. This happened recently. He was walking to meet some girls, who support themselves in doing some…job. And he’s trying to advice them and bring them to the normal life. That evening when he saw Tigist, he taught she was doing that job. But, her story was extremely different from those girls who stand by every corner of the road to wait for their evening customers.

Tigist is a singer, footballer,…a woman of art. She had one affair with a man and became pregnant. As she told me, she was given a kind of injection when she was pregnant, and delivered a girl later. Her baby girl was born with nerve problem. She is blind mute. She is five years old now. Before she gave birth, she used to make a lot of money, she was planning big, she was saving her money and was running to be somebody.

Now, Tigist is a prisoner. She is in her house with her child. She has a friend who was there to take care of the baby, and now staying with her.

Tigist’s house, a two meter square house, the bed covered the most space, only four persons can sit on the stools. If we invite more friends, visitors are going to jump on the bed. Her friend cares for her baby when she is out to work as a DJ and earn some money for their food and the house rent. Her friend has also a class she takes. One of them should be in door to take care of her child. Tigist can make money by singing in different clubs at night. Her friend is going to take class in the evening. It clashes, and it makes it difficult for Tigist as much money as she used to earn.

Cheshire home gave her free physiotherapy for the baby girl. Sometimes Tgist miss money for diaper, milk and transport. If she doesn’t have all these three things, she skips the physiotherapy.

When Tigist and her friends have cold at same time, they ‘ve nobody to buy bread from the shop and they can even sleep hungry. Hope all of us can guess how it feels , when we come down with flu. The person who rent the house, rent the house for 5 Et Birr and rent her the shade covered with plastic or canvas for 1000 Et Birr.

After brother Tamiru heard this story, he arranged for her an interview with a radio program. Many artists, singers, came to visit her house and it never crossed their mind she was in this kind of situation. They promised her they will support by every way they can, but she didn’t see anything yet.

She was advised to visit some TV programmer producers and some upcoming singers who can get her great support. No matter what she didn’t want to beg for help from others, she decided to go. She was mistreated unbelievably by both TV personality and the other artist. The artists and Tigist meet somewhere few days ago. The artist asked; “ Do I know you before? I think I saw this girl somewhere.” Tigist replied; “You’ll know me someday.”

I laughed at her response and my own experience.

I promised her;  “The Artist’ll know you someday.”

Four years back, one young designer came to my office. The designer was not willing to talk to me. I had many experiences of designing, cloths, leather bags, shoes, curtains,…etc. I walked and sat where she sat in our store. I told the designer I can do crocheting. I was asked for my cell phone number, but designer refused to give contact so that designer will give me a job to crochet. But, designer never calls. After few months, we meet at Radisson BLU Hotel , Ethiopian Women EP. I introduced myself for the group because I was new. “ I’m a published Author, I made my first dress when I was eight, I’m a contributor for Yahoo!Voices,…etc” Women was clapping, until my ears were deafening. I was flattered, I was loved by everyone, I was invited to visit everyone’s workshop, I was offered a lot of jobs, I was asked by many rich women to be their business partner. The next morning, one lady sent a car to my house after she asked me my home address to eat breakfast with her. At Radisson BLU, the designer sat two sits away from me. Designer gave me a card. I reminded to designer that day at my office.

“Oh! I didn’t know that you’re such an amazing girl.”

Tigist and the two people will meet someday, and they’ll know her that day. I assure you.

Two young girls are scarifying their life for one little girl. Tigist has no money to get her baby girl a better medication. I shared my experience of World Pulse with her. This plat form is a place where women can join forces and thrive. I’ll write your story and publish it. All your sisters will read your story and respond to you from every side of the world. You’re not alone in this journey. All these things happened for you, for a good reason. You might be a temptation for people around you who think they are successful, but, your story is inspiring many lives across the globe.

Tigist, doesn’t cry. Tigist has a big hope. Tigist has such a strong faith in herself and her creator. She is full of confidence. She is full of energy. She is worrying for other mothers who has disabled child and who are alone. She manages to survive with her contacts, but other women with no contact, how can they deal with this trouble like me? That’s the only thing that makes her worry.

She can give light out of her experience. Her strong spirit can make you stronger. I advised her to join WP, hope she ‘s already joined. If not, I’ll go and visit her and make sure she joins us.

Her FB name, Tigist Ayalew.

Please give your encouragement and love to her.





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Hi Lily. Thanks for sharing the Tigist's inspiring story of hope and determination. I hope she gets the help she needs to her daughter and is still able to live the life of her dreams. I hope you keep us posted on her progress, if she doesn't join WP.

Thanks Mulatwa for sharing Tigist story with us at WP. There are all kinds of People in this dynamic world and unfortunately many of them are so called Professionals whom behave very un-professional and negative, if anything see it as test that propels you to be stronger. Anyway i hope to see her presence here on WP. We all need support of each other. Keep us informed here on WP, thanks for sharing her story.

Queen Sheba D Cisse

Hello Queen Sheba,

I think you fall in love with our stories. Why you called after our Queen? LOOOOL

This girl is very amazing, I think she'll be a great example to many of us and all people who has got disabled children or child.

Thank you for your comment.


Mulatwa Mosisa

Thanks so much for sharing her story. Yes we are stronger together and we will meet Her soon. I love our heart on Worldpulse. We are our sisters keepers.

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