Teacher the smile in your lips, the sense of surviving as a real human being on the Earth,

Going to school did not only change my knowledge degree, it changed something in me which was apparently born at the same time when I was born. It is the thought that surly exists in every one kilo meter square mass of the earth and perhaps in other planets where life is possible there. This thought is, “You have to be careful, there are some others who are greater than you.” This meaningless thought has been discouraging me since I was born. Now, you might wonder why I choose this topic and what the main topic that I am writing about is. It is nothing else but value and influence of teacher on other human beings’ life. Teacher made me understand myself, the princess of my own world. Teacher gave me the feeling of being worthy to myself and possibly to others. Teacher taught me the important lesson of my life which is, “No one is greater than you, if you do your best even your master.” For this lesson is the best, I have realized how much my teachers have had influence and importance in my life. Actually, it is my habit whenever I try to describe someone who is dear to me, I cannot say or write in words; I cannot think which kind of adjective is best which suits her, but I hope when I express this weakness to others, the others could realize how much I adore her, how much I like her and how much I am dedicated to her. Another point, what will be the situation of a person who does not have a teacher. Do you think he/she could survive; yes probably, but what kind of life style will she/he have? Not the same as normal human being. One more question, can we live in the darkness with a simple light of moon or other weak light. There is an explicit answer of NO. It means that our life is just like a dark space without having teacher. I want to say that my life is a solar system, I am one of the dark planets and my teacher is the sun which gives me the light to find my lost way. Now, I am going to make my essay more personal therefore I am going to write about my honorable, intelligent teachers that I have had in my entire life. At the first point, it has to be said that my parents are my first teachers. They entered me to the world of humanity, kindness, love, and respect and possibly magic. By their unlimited love, they put a big piece of magnetic inside my heart, that is why now I am in a position where the others are; I have the feelings of love and respect and I can seek others love as well. They simply made me a real person with all completed senses from a small human-shaped body without any feelings of understanding. The second teacher was my sister, the one who made me start the real world of this life. She taught me the basics of every subject which is really important for building a vigorous, stout personality.

Then I started to go to school where there I found those all teachers whom I really needed in order to start building my personality. These teachers however, had suffered a lot; they gave us the power and courage to make a real sustained future. From their hard works I realized that our life shows different faces at different times; sometime it becomes worse than death and sometime it becomes better than being in heaven, but after all we never have to give up. We have to try once more because it is our responsibility to water our life garden. As though, my teachers were struggling a lot to teach us in a way which will not be so boring for us because they could understand our situation, the situation of a female coming out and study after five years of confinement “during war” in her house. Moreover, by coming to AUW, I have got the feeling to finish building my personality. I think I have got sufficient stuffs by which I can realize and understand every situation in my surroundings and in all over the world. AUW teachers are not only teachers, for me each one of them is like an open book which its first page gives us the clue to reach the entire book’s topic. This first page starts by saying that, “very nice, don’t worry, you will be fine, you can do it, you should be proud of yourself, I can see lots of improvements in you.”

This is what courage means, This what humanity means, And this what oneness means. It is nothing just a bridge between human to human, not by any other material, just by senses of love and courage. I can say that I am really impressed by my teachers in here. There are two kinds of people in the world. One group is those who work to get and earn money, they have no sense of humanity or assistance. The other group is those people who work to earn a lot of money but to spend it in a right, positive way. I have realized that my teachers have never thought about the money that they get as a salary; instead, they are just teaching us like we are the source of all outcomes. They do not care which region, which country or which religion we are, but just they are trying to improve us. They are giving us whatever they have. These teachers which I had in my entire life, changed my life from one way to another way and made me a kind of person who cannot express her feelings by saying but who wants to express her feelings by working hard and doing the reality. Finally, I want to say that by the help of all my teachers, now I have all my weaknesses tight in my hands and they are ready to be released and get lost in the new changed world of knowledge, humanity and courage in my life.


A great teacher is worth their weight in gold as their teachings stay with you throughout your lifetime. To this day, my teacher (when I was 10) continues to influence the way I see the world and although I have not seen him since I left his class, his wisdom, support and encouragement shape my thinking and views. And then there are other teachers, who were not teachers by profession but have educated me in so many areas. Some were relatives, some co-workers and some friends. Each sharing their knowledge and wisdom so that my world view continues to broaden. I give thanks to them all.

Thank you for posting this and reminding us of the strong influences that have made us the people we are today.

I really appreciate the comments that I get from my essay. Yeah, it is the teacher who makes us a real human being. I want to say that it is not only a piece of writing that I wrote, these are my feelings that I have and I really want your comments so feel free to write about it and bring out your own feelings towards teacher's position and importance in our life.

Thanks, Mursal

Hi Mursal,

I am so excited to see you here on PulseWire and to read your journals. After reading Sunita's interview with you I thought, "This is an amazing young woman, with a story and a voice that needs to reach the world!" And then minutes later, I received your friend request... it was like a dream!

This is a beautiful tribute to teachers and the power of education - especially for young women. Knowledge is power! I am so inspired by your journey - to seek education privately in a Taliban controlled Afghanistan and to be representing Afghan women as a student at AUW.

This feels like perfect timing for you to join PulseWire because we have recently had many Afghan women teachers with the Afghan Institute for Learning join our community. Would you be interested in helping to form a discussion group on PulseWire to engage Afghan members?

I would also like to introduce you to Naadiya, Co-Founder of South African Women in Engineering. http://www.worldpulse.com/node/19241

I look forward to reading more and more of your journals Mursal!

In friendship, Jade

Hi Jade,

Yeah, after Sunita interviewed me, I was really excited to join PulseWire. Before coming to AUW, I used to write poems (Not that much but just rarely) and then after coming to AUW, I started to write essays. Actually, to be honest, I really did not like writing at the first time when I joined AUW, but after sometime working with my teachers and because of their hard works, I have become intersted in writing. Even now, whenever I face any problem or when I become happy, I just want to write my feelings down. But still there had been a problem that I wanted to share this piece of writing with lots of people despite the courage that I recieved from my teachers and my friends, so when I heard about PulseWire from Sunita, I decided to join and share my feelings. Discussing with others and sharing our thoughts, it is our right. I will be very happy to discuss with other women across the world to talk about how to think about a bright future and how to forget about dark part of our lives (past). I have just added Naadiya in my community and will hopefully contact with her in future. Thanks alot for comments.


Hi Mursal,

I would love to read some of your poems if you are interested in sharing them with our community. I had a similar experience as you in finding my way towards embracing the pen. I used to write poems when I was very young, as well as songs, and I loved writing letters. But then when I was in high school, I disliked writing. It wasn't until a literature class in my 11th year of school, that I came to enjoy writing again. My teacher's encouragement and lessons were a big part of that discovery. It was the combination of my love for literature mixed with writing that really drew me into using writing again as a form of expression.

I had always had trouble speaking aloud the deep and complex thoughts in my head. But through writing, I was able to clearly express my thoughts and even travel deeper through my mind as I found the words on paper to clearly express the ideas I was formulating. It was exciting! And ever since I was hooked. Was it like that for you as well?

I am so happy that you too were able to re-discover your passion for writing and I hope that you will find PulseWire to be a safe and encouraging community to exercise your pen and your voice.

I would love to chat with you more about the idea of engaging the other Afghan women in our community. I will send you an email later today!

In friendship, JAde

Dear mursal you have written the qualities of teacher in a beautiful and interesting way. Yes teacher is the one who makes us real human being .other than this it is true that our society, friends, family play a vital role in our character building. I love my teachers and I thank them from the core of my heart, because they are the one who made me aware of many things.

Thanks for giving comment. I want to add one thing that, the person who teachs us anything which makes our knowledge broader, is called our teacher. We do not have to care whoever she/he is even sometime we can learn from our enemies as well. Thanks,


Dear Jade,

I wrote poems, but those are in my own language (Persian), but I will try to translate even the translation might not sound so good, I will translate and let you know. When I was in 9th grade, one day without anyone's courage, suddenly a poem came into my mind, that was about friendship. I just went inside the room and took a paper with a pen and tried to write that down, without knowing anything, I just finished that poem. After that I showed the poem to my father and mother, they were really happy. Actually, I was really not interested in Persian literature which we studied in our school as a subject, but I do not know how I started to write poems. After that day, I have started to show my poem to my teachers and our principal in school, they all encouraged me alot. Then my parents always told me to write another poem, I tried alot to think and write something, but nothing came into my mind, so I left thinking about new poem. Then some days after that, again another poem came in mind about friendship and that was the time when I understood that poetry is NOT the situation in which you have to be carefull and think clearly or do brain storming to find something new or creative, it is all just about feelings in an unconscious world. So since then I have never forced myself to write a poem. Whenever I got hurt, or I became happy, my mind spontaneosly started to bring out all my feelings in the form of poems. I have just asked some of my afghan friends here at AUW to join PulseWire and I think one of them, Marvah Shakib, has just joined. I will also try to ask my other friends. I will be waiting for your email.

Thanks, Mursal

Musral, I was moved reading you from the interview with Sunita. Some times when we read news and hear reports of wars in places like Afghanistan, they look fictitious to believe, simply because one has not witnessed such situations. I was born during a war, though, but I did not have experience or any faint idea of what the situation looks like, except stories I was told. In my own situation the war did not last for up to 5 years. It is obvious from your experience that children and women are highly vulnerable in war situations. I am happy you joined the World Pulse to give us opportunity of hearing directly from you. Wars affect women and men in different ways. Your narrations were clear on some effects or roles of international peacekeepers in environments of war; and how women were treated in the environments. In other places, it was issue of girl or boy soldiers, etc. I wish you success in finding opportunities and avenues to accomplish your dreams. Celine

Hey Mursal,

I was so impressed while talking with you. Never give up whatever happened in life. I have not forget your last sentence during the interview.

Till now you must have realized that how wonderful this network is, See people wants to hear more and more from you. Come see me at any time, I have to talk with you about some technical things.

I cannot wait to hear more in the future. Love you

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Dear Nusrat,

Thanks for giving comment. This is completely true that education is enlightment. It brightens the hidden ways of success to human beings. thanks, Mursal

Dear Sunita,

Thanks for giving comment. In deed it was your help which showed me the way to Pulse Wire and the way to share my ideas and feelings. Thank you So much. I will come and ask you about my problems soon because till now you have helped me how to use this opportunity.


Your friend, Mursal

Mursal I read youe essay,it is so striking..You talked about important person in every human being life that is so great....Keep rocking With Love ASMA