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I came to Jamaica in March 2007 on holiday with family for one week. At that time I lived in New Hampshire, USA - a country town in a beautiful state where I had been for 27 years. Within 24 hours of arriving in Jamaica, I began to feel very powerful internal shifts of consciousness (and it wasn't about ganja!). I can best describe it by saying I felt as if I was walking through a portal...a passageway...and entering into an experience of my life that felt simultaneously familiar - as if I had seen it all from a distance - and very new, requiring faith, courage, and soul searching.

It was indeed the beginning of a time of profound transition in my life. I encountered some of my greatest fears during this time. I also found connection with aspects of myself I had been longing to reach and strengthen. I still don't know how best to describe the sensation I had of the presence of supportive spiritual energies....ancestors? angels? my own spirit? all of the above? I reached out. I swam inward. I prayed.

And I jumped...


I would love to hear more about this if you know where I can buy a copy, I would love to read it. It is a strange thing since my mother's memories of it are both good and bad and I hope to find more writings on this subject!


Hi Nadine,

Wow - this transition that happened when you arrived in Jamaica is so powerful. It's no wonder you stayed. If only everyone could feel such a connection - on all levels - to the place where they live, or find a place that feels that way. I am eager to hear more about your journey and what you are doing now in Port Antonio. I'm at the edge of my seat, please share more!

Warm regards, Jade

Thank you for sharing your journey with us Nadine :) You have a beautiful spirit!!! I am looking forward to connecting with you.

Peace and Love,