Dearest Nadz,

You've done a terrific job on this video; it's very powerful and highly effective. The plight of these children and young girls is so terrible is almost defies all that is good in human nature. We are so powerful in our ability to either foster or destroy the young souls who are, indeed, our future! I pray that all you ask for in this strong, valuable piece of work will come to pass. You have molded photos, music, sketches, narrative and titles into a deeply moving statement. Thank you. Thank you for everything you have done, are doing and will do to ease the unspeakable suffering and injustice of these broken souls, and may some healing begin before too long. With Compassion and Sorrow, Sarah

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby

Thank you Sara It took a long time to put it together, to tell the story and I do hope it works and thank you for your comments.

Life is just for living

Nadeen, this is a compelling and strong video that powerfully speaks to the terrible and horrific situation these youth find themselves in. Jody's story is heartbreaking and it seems that no effort is made to seek out the root of the reason for the children being detained. I applaud the work of I'm a Girl Foundation and wish you all the best in your efforts to separate the children from the adults and provide them a safe environment in which to grow.

This story hurts my heart and it distresses me so much, and I hope we can change laws and culture to rescue these young women, to save our girls.

Life is just for living

Hi Nadz, You have put together a very moving video of the plight of these young women and shed light on what needs to change. I echo the comments of the others and am encouraged that you are at work with I'm a Girl Foundation to make the changes in the laws so this horrible situation can be changed.

hello Heather Thank you so much and of course for your inspiration. I am in Canada at the International Leadership association Conference. Read through the assignment for Module 5 and will need to do a proposal.

I met with the new Department chair for the programme I want to transfer to at San Diego today, I am very excited. When do we get to talk again? Nadz

Life is just for living