this attached file is a comparative study that introducing the work of one of the old islamic schools in sudan that stating the women rights from developed islamic point of veiw even before SEDAW and Human rights contract..! and the man who put forward his theory had been executed and accused of apostasy in 18th of january1985.


File women_in_islamic.docx


Hi dearest sister and friend Dr. Nahid,

Let me first welcome you on this vibrant great online community. It is very interesting to have you among those great women and leaders. I am quite sure your strong voice will soar high. The title of your journal (their stories are mine), reflects your concern on women's issues as well as your efforts to help them speak out their problems and find solutions to chronic situations of social injustice.

I will go through your paper and comment later.

Again welcome on this great platform.



iam sure that your comment will be of great importance ,the favour is all yours by introducing me to this amazing community , your are one of the ladies that realy believe in power of sharing and sisterhood,and above all you represent a goode example and model as well ,ican easily say now a days in my society there is a real friendship between ladies and healthy relationship which directed away from the introspection of patriarchial awareness.. love Nahid

Thank you for the article in this post. It has been extremely useful in my studies but also educate myself in some aspects of the Islamic thoughts.

I am assuming that you may be celebrating the occasion of Eid. As Muslims all over the world celebrates Eid after the Hajj pilgrimage, sharing and extending care among the society . I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very happy and blessed occasion.

nb :-) you do not look a day older than 30.... Have a blessed day :-)

With love Amei

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