Hi Nahid,

Thank You so much for providing this link. Yesterday I didn't something to highlight internet browsers on this atrocity and how women are treated in sudan. I will make use of your link and publish in my post.



'No for Women Oppression" Initiative. A Statement to the Sudanese People Together to stop these hideous crimes and inhuman lashing

The public in Sudan and abroad were shocked by the video that has been published recently on youtube and other websites (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWk7dSBjIEE). This footage documents the execution of fifty lashes punishment on a Sudanese young lady. The sentence was executed by two police men who interchangeably lashed the young lady in a cruel manner on her back, belly, head and face. The lady was screaming and falling on the ground while soldiers and some audience were laughing. This incident took place in one of Khartoum police centers in the presence of a judge. This incident repeatedly takes place at police centers and ‘Pubic Order’ courts in Sudan. It indeed reflects the complex crisis of the justice system in the country. This crisis starts with flawed laws including the Public Order Act, Penal Code and all other restrictive legislations that violate human rights and fundamental freedoms. The peak of this crisis is the lack transparency, rule of law and the impunities granted to the law enforcement personnel, which keeps them safe of accountability. What happened to this young lady is a torture crime, degradation and waste of human values. It is a live representation of women oppression by the approval of police and judiciary. We, the members of the initiative ‘No for Women Oppression’ denounce this crime and reaffirm our demand for radical law reform and reform of judicial procedures. We re-call for the annulment of the Public Order Act and article 152 of the Penal Act. We call upon legal authorities to initiate genuine investigation into this case, which even violates the rules of executing lashing punishment in the current laws and regulations. We call upon the Sudanese people to challenge the systematic oppression of women, raise their voices loudly in protesting and denouncing of such practices, and work through all civil means including marches and demonstration against restrictive laws, and violations of women human rights. We urge Sudanese people to walk with us onto street on Tuesday 16th November at 11:00 am in a peaceful demonstration up to the Ministry of Justice that we plan to organize and in order to submit a memorandum that states our demands for law reform and for ending all forms of women and human rights violations

'No for Women Oppression" Initiative 9/12/2010