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Below is information that was sent to me by Sr. Serene from Islamic Relief USA who works in an office in California. Please circulate this information if you would. 

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Assalamu Alaikum Sister Najwa Kareem! Greetings of peace!

Your Donor ID is: CON-353359.

Thank you for contacting Islamic Relief USA and thank you for your question. 

As for what we do inside Syria, all of that information can be found in the Donor Report or on the Syria page:

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Donor report:

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Published on Dec 21, 2016

Five years after conflict began in Syria in March 2011, this tragedy is heartbreaking.

There are 4.8 million refugees outside of Syria and more than 6 million people inside Syria that are displaced from their homes. 

13.5 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance

Islamic Relief is helping Syrians in need, please donate today

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As for how donations are being used, please kindly review our reports found here:

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Hello Najwa, I am so happy to hear about the plans for relief of all these many displaced persons of Syria. I know it is a huge tragedy. I have hoped and prayed for them. You are good to follow up on these plans and urge others to help too. I admire your dedication to this, Najwa. Thank you for sharing the information.

Hello WorldCare,

You are very welcome. My pleasure. I appreciate your encouragement and positive feedback. Thank you from the core of my heart for hoping and praying for the displaced people of Syria. May you be rewarded for your kindness and concern.

All the best,



You are very welcome. My pleasure. Thank you very much for posting the information. The more people know about the need to help and in what ways, hopefully the more people will be inclined to help to the degree that they can. I agree with you about more needing to be done collectively. Wouldn't you agree it all begins with each  person thinking about these individuals and being concerned enough to do something? I think if every person aware of the tragedy were to take the situation seriously and to heart and in turn, do what he/she could do to help, naturally a collective force would emerge. May you be rewarded for your efforts to spread the word, for your sympathy, and for your sincere concern.

All the best,