Its been 3 years! 3 long years since i returned to my home country Cameroon! 3 years seem like 3 days. The memories of the life experiences in China where i lived for 2 years is still new in my eyes. Life is full of ups and downs. Yet, thoughtful thinkers say: "it is not over until it is over" "Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success. Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly" some other great thinkers say: "Never say never" I remember that gracious moment when I was on board the Ethiopian Airlines heading to China in November 2007, Yes, I remember it so well. I remember the exciting family moments at the last minute before i boarded. Yeah, I remember stepping into an airplane for the first time. It remains a highlight in my life. I also remember that I was told by the paper-work (visa agent) guy that I am going there to teach English. I can still remember how excited I was during that period. I will not forget the young guy who sat next to me on boarded the airplane from Douala International Airport to Guangzhou International Airport on that first trip. I will not forget his handsome looking face, his beautiful smiles, his stories about how he has been doing international business for 6 years. Oh yes! I will not forget our long chat on board, on transit in Addis Ababa especially. Guess what! I will not forget that very moment when this guy told me that "I will not pretend to you baby, I have fallen in love with you," we were heading from Thailand to Guangzhou. I will never ever forget how romantic this guy was all through our trip. Can you imagine what happened when we arrived China? Ah so many things! Things that I will never forget. Lets cut a long story short here OK, three weeks after our arrival, I learned that aside doing legal international business, this guy was also an international fraudster. Guess, i hear he is languishing in some jail in Asia for dubbing an Asian woman of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mr Zhen, I am thinking about you. He offered me employment in a University in Hebei province - Shijiazhuang city while we were on board a train three weeks after i arrived. I am thinking about that employment till date. I am thinking about how i worked there for 1month. I am thinking of my colleagues in that School, Jeremy from the US, Jenny from the Philippines, and some other five colleagues for the warm welcome they gave me. There is one thing i will not forget, my trip to Hongkong without a HongKong visa, arranged by my employers in that college. A trip where i was heading to pick the Chinese working visa in Hongkong. I will not forget how I was denied entry into Hongkong, I had just one day Chinese visa left in My passport. Imagine! Before i got back to China by train the Visa has expired, that is how i found myself in Cameroon again. I remember how no member of the School tried to come to my rescue in Beijing, they even stopped picking their calls. It doesn't matter anyways, it only added to my wealth of experience. I remember taking another visa and going back to china in 2008. That was the saddest of my moments. Beijing 2008 Olympics made the Chinese gov't to place visa restrictions to foreigners. Oh yes, my visa expired. And the visas of lots of Africans got expired. Quite an unforgettable moment. I clearly remember Xia tang xi lu, Xiao bei lu, they are all neighborhoods in the city of Guangzhou where thousands of Africans live with expired visas. Let me tell you straight, never you live illegally in a foreign country. I met Nedu here, one year younger than me. We fell in love, so in love. I remember how loving and kind he was to me and my family back home. What i will not forget is that he remains the best lover of my life. Lets cut a long story short here again. A few months after our relationship i realized he was into some business that almost gave me a heartbreak. I remember so many things about that God forsaken city; drug, prostitution, 419, scamming, and other terrible activities. I have been praying for the lives of all those who are involved that they desist from such illegal actions. I am calling on all my sisters to be careful about where they are traveling to, and they should be sure of what they are going to do there, we should also be careful about who we fall in love with. We should be careful of what our so-called lovers tell us, especially if it concerns some money business or transaction. We should not be blinded by love. I now remember clearly how all these stories and more made my unpublished novel "Moments of pain, Moments of truth." I am hoping to find a publisher of this novel so that the world can learn so much about China, Africa, and most importantly learn about how to avoid being dubbed or scammed, and how to avoid falling in love with the wrong persons. I felt proud the day i finished writing this 80.000 word novel. I am happy that the experience gave me a research topic for my Masters thesis due for this year "the vulnerability of women in the diaspora: the case of selected African women in china." My dear African women 'educate your girl child' so that she can make non greener pastures greener by using the pen and paper, computer, to contribute to existing knowledge by writing.

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Dear Nakinti, Your story made me cry!Thanks for sharing it!Its so heart throbbing what young and vulnerable women go through when they entrust their lives and emotions into the hands of the wrong person.Its worst when they are far away from home with no shoulder to lean on.Your story touches on another very important issue, the dangers of illegal immigration.It is very painful for someone to leave home with so much hope,only to realize,he or she was building castles in the air!Thank God for you sister,because I know destiny wanted you back in Cameroon for a more fulfilling life.You are just beginning to see the reasons God wanted you there.I assure you better things are yet to unfold.I wish you the best as you seek a publisher for your book.I will keep my eyes open for that also. Love Leina

Dear Leina, Thanks dear, you are such a sister; an invisible sister. I believe i will get to see you someday. So many people go through alot, but they don't pick up the courage to share their experiences. If we continue to hide bitter realities, we endanger other people who know nothing about what they are likely to face when they happen to find themselves in like situations. Anyhow, those experiences made me strong, very strong. I am that strong woman today, not that weak and timid woman of yesterday. Leina, thanks a million i have come to know you. I wish you well in your endeavours. God bless you. I have pitch my story on violence, to which address do i send? Lots of Love, Nakinti.

Nakinti B. Nofuru2013 VOF CorrespondentReporter for Global Press InstituteBamenda - CameroonEmail:

Nakinti, any chance you'd be willing to share your master's thesis? I'd be interested in reading it if you are willing.

I'm not surprised to hear you've also written a novel, or that you are a writer in general. The words seem to pour out of you. Have you found a publisher yet?

~ Maya

Hello Maya, I will be more than willing to share my M.Sc. thesis with you. Writing is my passion, I really don't know if I am really a good one, but if you say so, I believe you...thanks. Dear, I have not found a publisher yet, actually I need an editor to proof read and make some corrections and adjustments. I will soon post a Need right here on World Pulse on the Needs section asking for a volunteer to edit my novel (don't have the means to pay an editor right now. If I get this manuscript polished, then I will go ahead to get it published. What do you think about this dear? Thanks so much for your concern, thanks. Lots of love.

Nakinti B. Nofuru2013 VOF CorrespondentReporter for Global Press InstituteBamenda - CameroonEmail:

Oh, you are definitely good at it. I tend to think that we are good at our passions as we inject so much love and investment into them.

I hope the WorldPulse community can help you find a volunteer editor. I would be happy to help you myself, but it is a huge job that I wouldn't be able to do without compensation based on the time and energy involved. I have experience in this area - not for a book as a whole but with articles and other types of writing, so do be in touch if there's something you need. How much does 80,000 words work out to in pages?

Have you thought about self-publishing? I understand it does cost a bit of money to get started but as part of established services, like Amazon, you can hire a copyeditor who will assist you as part of the process.

Keep me updated on your progress, Nakinti. Excited for you.

(How did you learn Chinese, by the way?)

~ Maya

Dear Maya, I am hoping to that I can use World Pulse to find a volunteer editor. I understand your is a lot of work to expect someone to do it for free. 80,000 words (in Calibri fonts, 12 font size, double spacing) is about 240 pages. Dear, how much can you charge me for editing this volume? Just asking, one never knows. I once contacted self publishers but the prize they gave me for editing was quite high. Well, I will find a way out ASAP. (Hahaha, Chinese, I did a 3 months course on spoken Chinese at a Chinese language school in Guangzhou China). Thanks a lot Maya for your concern. Love, Nakinti.

Nakinti B. Nofuru2013 VOF CorrespondentReporter for Global Press InstituteBamenda - CameroonEmail: