since my beginnings in journalism i was facing many obstacles like the discrimination from the society towards female journalists , because they believe that it's a very difficult job, needs men to cope with it's tasks like entering dangerous areas , staying many evenings working in the publication, the contrast lays here in the attitude of the women , who forms a Militia works against us , by desperately trying to prove that we are not capable of competing with the guys , i remember when i was interviewing a female teacher about their up rise against the chairman of their syndicate, she refused to talk to me saying i need a male journalist to speak with , females are not smart enough to understand our demands and write it clearly in the story , i was keeping my self in calm condition when i replied to her , so you think you are not smart your self, she said no i'm a teacher, i'm smart, i replied so why do you think that journalists are not?,she said this is how my mother used to tell me that females are not good in working as doctors or journalists, or engineers. this incident was a month earlier before the revolution that i have the honor to participate in it, after our success in overthrowing the regime , i hoped for a free look to the women yet the rise of the fanatics manages to taper off this dream because we are facing a strong wave of . Reactionary ideas, demands of eliminate the existence of the females in media by all it's brunches , printed newspapers, websites, TV channels. so i hope to have the modern curriculum and the modern tools to help me in fighting those extremes who wants to steel the revolution that rises on three methods { freedom, dignity, social justice}

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It is great to see positive change from your actions. Female Journalist have a voice just has strong as male journalists - keep up the work and continue writing because you have a voice that should be heard!

I loved your account of your conversation with the teacher who prefered to be interviewed by a male. It took real courage on your part to ask, "but aren't you smart?" I bet she well remembers that exchange and hope that it helped open her mind to a new perspective. How unfortunate that there is a conservative backlash againt women in the media in Egypt after the pivotal role Egyptian women played in the revolution. I congratulate you on your involvement in those momentous events. I look forward to hearing more from you. I'd love to hear you expand on the ideas you've presented here!