One thing might be to buy a journal and use it record your thoughts for a week and then read them back over to get a better perspective on them. I have my daughters do this when they feel negative about themselves and making them write down their true feelings helps them see things clearer. It is something private and only for yourself so you can write down your honest feelings even if they are 'mean' or 'selfish' since it is important to record them honestly. Looking for a pattern in them will help you figure out what tendencies you need help to curb and which you need help to encourage.

It is all a part of growing up and becoming a responsible and respectful adult. I think it is always better to realize we have a bad fault we need to work on then to think we do not have any! It is an exciting experience to be away from home and trying to become the adult you want so enjoy it as much as you can.



I am really glad that you wrote me to keep journal. I have one little question. Do you think it is looking bad to post this comment or would be be better to delete this post? To telll you, I keep journal. I started keeping journal when I came to this university because I could not communicate in English, and I thought it would be a good idea to keep journal in English, so I did it and do it.

Please answer my question because it will help me a lot.

thank you, Nasima

I think it is best to leave it so other woman who think this can read it and think about it. Plus you might get even better advise from someone else!

It is a very hard time in life changing from young woman to woman and there is so much excitement and incredible new discoveries that it is easy to want to share all of this with everyone else. I guess we need to think of it as someone shining a flashlight into our eyes or that kind of thing where it can feel overpowering at times, what you are calling the negative enthusiasm.

I applaud woman who learn more then 1 language! I took a few years of high school Spanish but no one else I knew spoke it so quickly forgot it all. Someday I will have the time and energy to learn more! Right now it is Russian and French that I most want to learn.

Good luck with it and remember to be honest since it will help you see patterns in your thinking and show you where you need to work harder to stop or push forward.


I am glad to hear your enthusiastic thoughts from you.

One thing I would like to remind you is that please express your nice and creative ideas in the VOF week for assignment which is due tomorrow.

I am glad to have a friend like you beside me.

Keep it up my lovely friend.


Hi Naima

I am in Chittagong and studying at the Asian University for Women, I think I wrote in my profile!

Thanks for your note of appreciation, anyway, it is nice to hear from you.