When I started to study the materials of World Pulse Voices of Our Future Program, I decided inmediatly which will be "the one" for me to interview and write the profile about in my 1st assigment. Sadly, after arranging our meeting and cancel it a couple fo times, my activist was very compromised in "personal struggle" and concerned for family issues, so she couldn't find the time and the mood to give me an interview. I want to say, she offered me to do it anyway.

But, I understand my humble mission as citizen journalist like a "setting-free" oportunity for those with I talk to write about; I am responsible to collect and save stories otherwise won't be known, and spread the message about. To obtain a good story, my "one" must to feel comfortable with me and with herself, to share and focus in what is being said. If my interview will be an extra concern in the schedule or she will feel forced to do it "just to be polite" No, thanks. I didn't take it. And I felt bit lost cause my plan didn't work as I expected to do.

Have you been in that place, that ackward moment when you find yourself wondering and Now What? Maybe in the course of this module you have felt doubts about how to write your profile or your "target" failed. Time goes by and you have doubts about writing a good story and even following the method suggested, you still feel anxious because you want your story to be a powerful and catchy one. Maybe one of us have been wondering "Oh my Gosh! How I am gonna write that profile now?"

Stop with that kind of mental exercising cause is useless. Don't allow yourself to fall in despair. I can not tell you where to find "that" story, but there are some points I can share with you that help me in make my confidence coming back and focus my energy in my search.

1 .-You have been selected from over 600 applicants. You are one of 30. You are in this program because your writing is good, special and vision-changing. If you have came here is for your skills, don't have any doubt about, even for a minute. What you do, you do it well. You did it very well so you was selected. Now is time to do it better. You have what it takes, is a fact.

2.-Each of us comes into this world for a reason and with a mission. According to this, each one of us are "activists" of our own life. Your "activism" is writing about the reason and the mission of others in this world. There is a story to tell in each person. What does the women in the farm think about climate change? The young artist about the lack of jobs for young people in the country? What would be willing to do? How do they imagine the future?.

3.-Your story will be truly moving if it is honest. It will be honest if you get involved in what you're doing. Do not look for fireworks production, media streaming make enough in behalf. Look for "the heart" in every story. As citizen journalists, our target is not "the audience" but human beings.

4.- Self-confidence: in ourselves and in what we are doing as valuable; if you don't believe in yourself, people who you want to interview won't do it, and you'll lose beautiful opportunities to meet people and write about them. And the worse, they will lose the opportunity to make their story known. We're in this program for a reason: our writings; and for a mission: Change the world through the word. Believe in yourself, then people will believe in you and in what you and others have to say to be expressed through your words.

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Usha how are you? thank you very much for your comment. We must to support each other. I am happy if this post was useful for you. Blessings

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

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I am very happy to be part of this program. As long I read the materials, the post of my sisters, the feedback I receive from my own posts, I discover new things about myself. I am improving as human being, posting my impressions is my humble way to give back. Thanks

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

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