Hi Ladies and WP Team: I hope you're having a great week. I would like to have your feedback about the subject of my featured story: I am thinking about two issues to research for and are rising in the society of Argentina:

The first one is about Feminicide, that is, the killing of women involving gender. Femicide is not described as a crime in Argentina or Latin American law in general, but women's organizations are talking about them and putting the issue on the agenda. During 2011 over 283 women died in Argentina at the hands of their partners, husbands or boyfriends, which represents an increasing of 10% compared to 2010. In Argentina, according to the statistics and the monitoring of the only one and sole organization working in the field,a femicide occurs every 31 hours. This, not counting the collateral victims: The 346 children that were left motherless in 2011.

My second issue is about the conditions of prostitution in Argentina: In this country, the law prohibits prostitution houses but not the activity itself, which causes this type of activity be exercising on the street during daytime hours, 24/7, with no sanitary controls. Factors such as poverty, changes in economic conditions and illegal immigration are increasing the incidence of prostitution. Groups of human rights activists are fighting to be declared prostitution illegal activity because they think it is not at all a job but rather a kind of modern slavery. Other sectors, say prostitution is a work and would be an expression of free will of the woman or man to work as prostitutes and do not need to ban it,but be regulated and organized: The problem is that there are no official statistics on the subject and the work on this is just beginning, so my research would focus in testimonies and opinions rather than "hard numbers".

Both issues are rising in the society in Argentina and, of course, they're not in the official media at all. Thank you for your feed back. Have a great day!

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Hi Nasreen,

Both subjects are interesting but the first has been written about a lot. I rarely see articles about prostitution. IF you can find reliable sources, I would go with the second one. Maybe you can interview the police and get some statistics and information from them. Do you think that would be possible?

Whatever you end up doing, good luck!


Hi Nasreen, beautifully written, nice angles! but I think I agree with Noreen. Go with the second one.



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