Once upon a time, there was a little girl. This little girl was smart and beautiful in her own way, but growing up her culture told her she wasn't pretty or skinny enough and that to be with a guy she had to live solely for him. With low self-steam she was more likely to be sucked in an abusive relationship and didn’t know how to fight back.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. This little girl was smart and beautiful in her own way. And she had just fallen in love with her best friend. One day, she muster up the courage to go to her loved one to tell her what she really felt. Not only her friend did not reciprocate her feelings, she bullied her until she though suicide was the only way out.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She was smart and beautiful in her own way, but growing up, her culture obliged her to be mutilated in order to be proper. With her womanhood shattered, she had to carry on with her life, with pain but with her head down.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. This little girl was smart and beautiful in her own way. But growing up, she hadn’t many opportunities in her country. Answering an add, she traveled to another country where she was stripped of her passport, clothes and self-worth and forced to be a sex slave.

These are fictional tales, and yet they are part of realities of women around the world. And we are responsible for each and everyone's sufferings because we, as society, make it acceptable.

I believe that in each and every one of us there is the potential of turning the world into a better place. And reading all the stories, all of our stories the first conclusion is that being a woman, in any circumstance, it’s not easy. But here, in Pulse Wire, we can find groups that help us strengthen ourselves and rise through all these challenges.

And being a Voice of the Future, in my opinion, is not just telling people about your story; it’s making all those issues of violence against women unacceptable. It’s to bring those issues close to everyone’s hearts and say: this is what we are doing to each other and it has to stop. These are not people devoid of feelings or a history. They are mothers, sisters, daughters, teachers, thinkers, dreamers...

We can only win the battle against violence and prejudice by staying together and telling the truth. Through web 2.0., we can protest, and manifest and be free. Point out injustices without fear of reprimand or censorship. In cases like mine, where I’m living in a country (Panama) that is actively prosecuting journalists and arresting protesters, having a space to discuss why injustices like those are a threat to the very fabric of democracy are vital.

No matter what happens after this, I write this last post feeling empowered. In every moment we were encourage by each other and the listeners. We have formed this quick bond and became this hub of knowledge sharing that not only opened the door for different realities but it made us more aware of the worldly struggles against violence towards women.

Voices of the Future is the perfect platform to show women’s struggles without muffling honest voices. It doesn’t ask us to be unoriginal and generic. I wanted to join because I have the message but I don’t have the platform. Our voices are such powerful things, they can help bring awareness and comfort. We can bring a wave of change. My goal was to try mobilizing people on the issues, while telling women everywhere, they are not alone. We are not alone.

And, even though this is a bittersweet moment because many are not going to be as present as now, this process of meeting you has been worth it. Together we dove into issues that maybe taboo, but they are keeping women everywhere to move forward. And if we keep on together, we may find a way to make women’s existence a little less hard in this world.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.


I believe confidence comes from the idea that we are not all alone. That we have supporters behind us, and that is why I applaud you in making yourself a supporter. You give strength to women around the world with them knowing that you are going to be there for them, with your voice and spirit. -Carri Pence

For taking the time to show this is not a one way street. The positive feedback really helps and it's all part of this wonderful thing that is this sisterhood. It's like having a shoulder to cry on, even if it's miles away! That selflessness of trying to make everyone feel comfortable and encouraging out voices is not passing by unnoticed! Thanks!

I love your idea that by making each women's suffering personal, that we can change perceptions, responsibility and the way the world works. You have a very clear vision and your writing is original and thoughtful.

Keep up the great work!


"Tell me then, what will you do with your one wild, sweet, and precious life?" -Mary Oliver

You have a powerful vision for change and hope and I always wish you inspiration, empathy and resources to make the world a better place through your words, deeds and ambitions.

Peace, Rhian

I do believe that EVERYONE has the possibility of changing the world to a better place. It's just a everyday job. We have to keep reminding ourselves everyday of that!

All the best!