Today was a wonderful day for me. I found myself in an interesting workshop session organized by Nakinti Besumbu Nofuru. I learnt a lot of things from there.

I learnt about the amazing woman called Jensine lassen who started world pulse at the age of 28 in 2003, beginning with a print media, and then an online media in 2007. My God, where on earth did this amazing woman bring this brilliant idea.

I learnt about the strong bond of sisterhood that exists in this media, high level positivism towards each other. In this training, I came in contact with an interesting discovery, that of knowing that of knowing that I have been a citizen journalist ever since. I discovered that making posts about breaking news on facebook, twitter, and other social media is enough for me to be called a citizen journalist. Bravo to myself! I couldn’t help being happy when she talked about respecting journalism ethics, values, and being objective in my write-ups.

Wao! Writing a frontline journal was something she dwelt on in-depth; being on the frontline of breaking news. I now know how to begin my journal article with a personal narrative or first person account of events. I think I can confidently write in a more captivating way; drawing my readers to my article. Statistics and background! She told us it is very important to have it in ur article.

I found something interesting about writing for world pulse, SOLUTIONS – ORIENTED pieces. This is the best thing ever of World Pulse.

I am very sure I am going to benefit from World Pulse enormously. I am going to learn a lot from fellow sisters in this forum. I am promising that many will learn from me as well.

I will end by thanking Mme. Nakinti for taking her time off to lecture me about journalism and World Pulse. I love this forum.



Thank you for this great report of the training you participated in! Nakinti sounds like the best teacher ever! I hope you find all that you need on World Pulse and please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! You can contact me through the World Pulse private message function anytime! I also wanted to share this journal entry with you: There you can find all the details of our curriculum on citizen journalism! I look forward to reading your first articles on World Pulse! Best,

Delphine Criscenzo

I would first of all thank you too for appreciating my report and for welcoming me into this sisterhood in a special way, by letting me know that you will be ready to offer a listening ear to the questions I would be posing as a new member. I also admit that Nakinti is really an amazing and interesting teacher one should wish for.Thanks again for wishing me the best in this new found opportunity of speaking for myself.

Sisterhood is a strong force to fight discrimination

Oh yes, Nakinti did her thing you know.So I am also thanking you for showing the love that runs in this organisaton.I hope you're also going to lend me a helping hand. Stay blessed.

Sisterhood is a strong force to fight discrimination

Thank you Ann, I am so impressed you are able to understand how I felt on the day of my training. And thanks again for your words are so inspiring and encouraging. I know I am also going to have a great time in this sisterhood.

Sisterhood is a strong force to fight discrimination

Great NBK, I am super proud of you. Keep the flames burning and before you know it, you will be the strong woman that you want to be, trust me. World Pulse made me that great teacher that I am, you will become one in no time. Wishing you good luck in 2014. Love. Nakinti

Nakinti B. Nofuru

2013 VOF

Founder/CEO Rescue Women - Cameroon (REWOCAM) or


I just want to thank you again and also promise my trainer that I am not going to let her down,but make good use of the knowledge she has impounded in me.I also wish you what you wish yourself in 2014.

Sisterhood is a strong force to fight discrimination