Miracle – it is such a small word of 7 alphabets, but carries such a deep and profound meaning in the lives of people who experience it, isn't it? Everyone experiences these miracles in the day-today activities of life, but normally we fail to comprehend it.

I was also living my life with whatever it offered to me. I am specifically using the word 'living' because the zing and the zeal and the zest for life were missing. I was too much laden with the miseries that surrounded me. Couldn't destiny have made things better for me? Adding to my trouble, my servant who took care of my household activities had left. "Shit!" I again cursed life, "Why do these things happen to me?" My quest for searching a replacement began. All my friends and relatives were informed. One fine day, a young woman of around 30 years came up to me and said, "Madam, I am interested in the job." I stared at her from head to toe. Quite beautiful to look at, her face had a different enthusiasm and zest. I asked her, "Are you working elsewhere?" I was looking for references. She replied, "Madam, I have just started looking for work. But I can assure you that I will give you no reason to worry." I was apprehensive. I began questioning her, "Who all are there in your family?" She replied, "I have four children." What about your husband?" I questioned again. She replied, "He is a habitual drunkard. He hit me and the children till we were half-dead and threw us out of the house. I have taken a room on rent and have decided to start my life afresh. After all, we have only one life!" I looked at her again. Her face had a different sheen around it. Destiny had given her such eternal pains. But she still had a smile, zeal and a belief that things will be fine one day! She has been carrying out the work flawlessly since then. Whenever I see her, a miracle starts churning within me. Yeah, a few things are not as they should have been. But, I am much better than the millions for whom things are worse. I have learnt to free myself. And I have learnt to give. Whenever I do any good deed, I too smile and the zeal strikes back with renewed vigour.

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hi neelam,

i am sure you are much grateful to the one who created miracle in your life! I agree that if one doesnt realize how he/she can live the life the way he /she has got it, the life becomes frustrated. I can see she has created the actuall life in your way . Thanx to her and Kind of you to understand her. I love your turning point!


Nilima from Nepal

Dear Neelam

Thank you for sharing your miracle story. Sometimes I, too, grumble, when things aren't 'right', only to hear of or meet someone whose challenges far surpass mine! It reminds me to be grateful for all of my many blessings. May you continue to have 'renewed vigor'.

aloha, Beverly

Dear Neelam, Thank you for sharing your story and the story of the woman who is continuing to inspire you daily. What a blessing it is to be touched so deeply by another person and that your continued connection to this remarkable woman continues to shape you, guide you and inspire you today. Warm Regards Tina

Hi Neelam,

Thanks for sharing your story which reminds us that everything is relative! It's a hard thing to remember when you get involved in the nitty gritty, but I do try to remember the bigger picture often.

Best wishes, Carly