Although I’d never heard of Web 2.0 until just a few days ago, I’ve discovered that I’ve been a user and promoter of this fast evolving frontier for over two years without knowing it.

In 2009 I joined the most popular Web 2.0 engine, Facebook, and then in early May of this year I was told about the World Pulse website and after viewing the site, immediately became a member, again not knowing that I was joining myself to another application of this powerful networking technology.

I began to experience a bit more of its scope and elegance when in June I was asked to help promote and raise funds for a struggling Widow and Orphan conference being held the following month in a very remote area of the Province in which I live, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So being a new member I engaged the World Pulse team to learn how to create a Post for publication to their like-minded network. After discovering what information I needed to compile I began to gather the various resource documents and photos, and within a few days was ready to publish. I went through the simple steps that the team had emailed me and within minutes had created a Post on PulseWire. And I have to say – having never done anything like this before – I didn't know what to expect. But to my complete surprise and utter delight, what I saw on the screen was a very professional looking presentation of the upcoming conference ( I was so amazed. And as pleased as I was, I was so very impressed to realize that this Post was on the World Wide Web for everyone in every nation around the globe to see.

As time was very short for gaining financial and other support for the upcoming conference I began emailing the link to the PulseWire Post to many local and national dignitaries and contacts. Because of this easy-to-use Web 2.0 application and the impressive presentation that resulted, I was able in a matter of days to not only gain visibility, but credibility and interest for our conference in this mostly unconnected country, and raised $1,230 of the total $2,230 funds raised, as a direct result. And $230 of that came from the World Pulse network membership!

Obviously, what excites me about Web 2.0 is its ease of use, its professional presentation, its worldwide ‘distribution’ of my content, and the ease with which others are able to accordingly interact with me regarding the subject Posted.

As a solution oriented application, Web 2.0 interactively connects its users to a world of people interested in the subjects for which we are giving voice, making it a multifaceted exchange instrument uniting both authors of content and their readers/listeners to create a fusion-force of momentum and resources to quickly bring attention to and address the critically important issues and opportunities facing our gender today.

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Neema - it is so exciting to see how PulseWire has helped you raise the funds to hold such an important conference! Thank you for sharing this story with us, and congratulations your excellent work!

Hi Neema

It is excellent that you were personally able to leverage World pulse/web 2.0 to raise funds for this conference. This is awesome work, keep it up. Also, I like that you have detailed your entire experience with such clarity.

Wish you all the best!

Neema --

You did an amazing job of assessing all your resources, learning how to use them and showing the world how easy and effective a single motivated person can be when given the right tool, which was web 2.0 in this case. You're a model of leadership. Keep it going...


It's interesting how you can find yourself becoming an example for others simply by taking the initiative to do something. I know that in World Pulse, I've joined myself to a network of 'Examples', many of whom i will be following.

Thank you for the encouragement Francis. I appreciate it.

Dear Neema,

I am so glad you have joined the PulseWire community and decided to get involved here. Your work is so deeply needed. I read your post about the upcoming conference for widows and orphans and I found it both moving and heartbreaking at once. It is wonderful that PulseWire has aided your organization and fundraising efforts.

This is an outstanding entry you have composed here. I agree with Frances, who said above that you are "a model of leadership."

You did a great job of illustrating how you have used Facebook and PulseWire specifically in your work, and your points about why it makes a difference are astute and insightful: a platform for instant, worldwide distribution, and a standardization of aesthetics that elevates one's credibility, as well.

Please keep up your excellent work. You have done and are doing a fantastic, outstanding job!


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Sometimes 'packaging' is everything, and in our somewhat backward country, being able to present such a professional looking package can certainly increase visibility and focus toward your project. The needs seem almost infinite and the resources are so very few. On top of that there are many applying for donations and support who are simply using the prevalent need as a guise to feed themselves. I'm sure that's the case in many third world countries. So when you are serious and can present a professionally packaged presentation, it can immediately set you apart for another look.

I am working to submit a Conference Report but haven't had the time to complete the translation and then the editing to get it posted yet. But it will come. I feel that element will maintain the credibility factor, and that's important. It's sometimes difficult to build credibility in such a sea of scammers, and all too easy to lose it. Diligence is key.

Thanks for taking the time to review both my journal and the Conference Post Rebecca. Your affirmation is strengthening.


It is truly a helpful tool Juliette, and as stated, very easy to use for those of us without much computing experience. I'm sure their experience will be as pleasing as mine.

Thanks so much for your note.