Wishing You a Good Morning!
  • Wishing You a Good Morning!

I believe in our victory. In fact, I believe 100% success is not only possible, but certain. The very thing that gets me up each morning is knowing that the light in us is contagious. Every one of society’s ills is a result of not living out of a right mind. Humanity is on a course of its own choosing, and it is obvious that many choices made up to now are leading not only to our destruction, but our annihilation. I see it, you see it, and the world is waking up to it. As a result, a new day of consciousness is dawning, and we are its light-rays. We are illuminating a world consciousness that will soon embrace right-mindedness. An intense expectation will swell around the world for what is perceived as possible. An unimpeachable, unavoidable, virtuous demand will be placed on every heart to align, that the power in what is possible would be released to change all that is wrong in the world, forever.

The biggest barriers we face to achieve our intended success is not believing, not aiming for it, not leading in it. We know that we must be the change we want to see in the world. All we have to do then is set the bar, believe it’s attainable, and facilitate its achievement.

When you and I have been successful in achieving our goals and our every inspired attempt at having impact has worked, the animation of life in all its energy, its light, its reality, its unending potential, will have been breathed into every home of every community of every nation in every region on every continent in the world. Passion for life, love for community, and embrace of future will have permeated the very fabric of humanity. Peace will be the state of being that governs self. Love will be the license for every word and action. The world will have become one colossal whole with every citizen respected and taking responsibility for their part. Gender issues will only be documented in history books as everyone will now have unrestrained and welcomed access to contribute that for which they were created to contribute toward Destiny’s intended purpose. So many words that today carry the banner of humanity’s struggle will have disappeared from our vocabulary as the mind that waged war against us has gone; so many words like patriarchy, equality, rape, impunity, poverty, and hunger will have been forgotten. Creativity, invention, and ingenuity will color the world around us. Abundance, simplicity, and balance will be synonyms as our eyes have been lifted off “me”, to see us all as vital members of one another, together stewarding “now” for the sake of our future.

We are on a course that is inevitable, inescapable, even foreseeable, for those already in the light of it.

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This is our vision.....thank you for articulating it so beautifully; for holding the lantern and sharing the light even (especially) when it gets dark, and for being the guide that you are.


Thank you so much for your vision, and the inspiration you provide us!

______________________________________________________________________________ "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being." -Hafiz

"The very thing that gets me up each morning is knowing that the light in us is contagious."

May this post fly from your keyboard to the energy of the universe! We of World Pulse must shout our dreams from the rooftops and support all efforts to create justice. Than you.


Thank you for your wonderful writing and messages of inspiration, your energy, and your love, Neema. I also believe that first simply seeing what is possible is the first step to achieving those possibilities. And for every dark thing that happens, many lights come to illuminate the darkness. I truly believe, that with more women gaining access to information and a platform for their voices, the world can only become a better place! I am blessed to know some women that also have your positive energy and strength.

In Hope and Peace, Ann Fishburn