My vision since the time I began working was one simple rule – give back to the society. I am lucky to have got the kind of education, privileged to have travelled to many places and skills to learn new age technology and media. I strongly believe in this quote, “The most revolutionary thing one can do is to connect people to one another.” I am a catalyst and I think that is precisely what Voices of our Correspondent can do as a platform- to connect.

Being a journalist I think it is important to tell stories of women, girls from my City, community and places, theirs can be different or even similar to those from around the around world. These stories need to be told and exchanged, which I can do. Each one of us faces situations, issues and we need a method to deal with it. These are the tales that need to be addressed. We owe one another all the time. We are inter-connected from organisms to people of this world. Like molecules within us that work 24x7, we as organisms in the whole Universe who need to work with each other.

We are evolving and with time we are changing. Like we change, the society outside too is changing. We are responsible for this society and I think this where I can play a role. This is so ever-changing and in motion. As a Correspondent and leader I need to capture this. To see how women are aware of these all factors, are they alert, how are they coping with it or scared? And I am sure many may not be aware and yet may be adjusting just finely. All of this needs to be captured, written, visual in all possible ways.

Moreover, as a catalyst I need to help to tap the resources outside and initiate the process. In fact the process usually already begins, in different percentage it is seen. This process itself is important. To help women understand themselves, their sense of worth is very important. When I quit my job and decided to take a sabbatical, I promised myself three things for this year –donate, de-clutter, (stay simple) and delete negativity from my life. It isn’t tough. I had to say NO to abusive bosses. My sense of worth is far higher than what the other person may value. This change needs to come from within and I think the fact I could change, I can show direction. Fears only inhibit us. I’m often chided to think of the economic impediment. Sure it can get tough but Freedom is more important than harping on the impediment and using it as a threat.

Self-motivation is a good learning tool, but obviously many do not have it. Many don’t the circumstances to motivate themselves. People need to be sensitised how to explore these tools. They are external through role-models within one’s family, one’s home, one’s community or through society at large. The internal are infusing a sense of value, confidence and skills to motivate oneself. As voices of our correspondent can give me that opportunity to work on these both levels.

I am a die-hard optimist and I guess that is why I love my city too, I haven’t given up in frustration to go abroad for a better life. I want to make it better here. How each one of us in a small way can make it work. It is a huge challenge, but there are many trying. These efforts of many others in society need to be highlighted, to be pooled together, while, they also need to be interconnected and networked in a larger way. I am hoping to be able to play this multi-layered challenging role. I think the fact as a journalist who has been working in every medium, using these platforms I can use them to put it all across creatively. Whether the online written word, portraits, or video documentary, they are just means to convey the Voices of correspondent in many more ways.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.


Neetak, I love your point about how women need to value themselves. Without a strong sense of self-worth, how can we contribute to the greater society? I think it is very admirable that you are so dedicated to making a difference locally. So many places struggle because their leaders and powerful thinkers like you leave for other opportunities. You are clearly a very self-motivated person! Keep on fighting for what's right, and thank you for sharing!


Thanks for this piece! Could I suggest to put slightly less tags? I know they are all very relevant to your article, but it gives a somehow weird impression when you're scrolling down for comments :) Warmly, Aurore