I started a radio segment that looks at global feminism on a really cool local radio show called The Third Wave. On my segment on June 11, I spoke with a really amazing young feminist from Ankara, Turkey. Her name is Nevin Öztop. She works to defend LGBTQ rights and talked about the protests in Turkey from a feminist perspective.

To listen to the interview and view images of women leading the resistance in Turkey, to go : http://zeega.com/51b903fa7131b23912000015

As always, I'd love to hear people's comments and feedback!

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unlucky i couldn't open the link but will try again from different browser Peace Ola

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Ahlan Ola, Thanks for checking out the link. I'm sorry you couldn't get the link to open in your browser. You can also access the piece through this link, might be easier than the first link I posted: Thanks for your support dear, -Nelly

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