"You are not the boss of me" ,common statement young kids use during their play.  As with life, times change, as with violence, it has evolved. Growing up in the "hush -don't talk about it" generation and now living in a "talk about and do everything generation", violence has become a lifestyle.  Its a trend that doesn't seem to fade.  In a generation where women have become louder with all their struggles,the reality of my own understanding, the violent crimes against women have become more gruesome. 

Being a woman in a culture where conflict is celebrated and draws in much attention, how do we become the change we want to see in the world, when we are partaking with whats wrong in the world?

Have you read the news lately?  Have you seen whats on TV lately?

-  Women having sexual relationships with young boys - (Mostly teacher and student relationships), this situation is becoming more prevalent.

-On TV the highlight of entertainment is when women emotionally and physically abuse each other, then the ratings of the reality TV shows go high.  Without a fight, ratings dip.

-Violence is nolonger age or gender specific- we are seeing it happening in same sex relationships and what blows my mind and irks me, its happening in high school relationships.  Violence is being bred in the hallways of our schools and what we laugh off as enteratinment is becoming part of a culture.  

When we become part of this culture we are taking away form the survivor.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices Against Gender-Based Violence.


Dear Netsai,

I feel the same thing about the expanding nature and accepatnce of violence across ages. People are less affected when they hear of violence-inflicted experiences generalising that "it is quite common". Very few people are asking "Why is it so common?" Children casually talk about accidents and gorry violent stories with less sensitivity. Commercialisation of violence too is a contributing factor.

I think this trend could be changed if certain forms of media try to change it. Desensitization happens a lot through media so, the same mediated forms can help bring back sensitivity.


Surya Simon