The feeble Hands. On 15th August 2009, I returned to my grandmother’s hometown where I was born and raised to say goodbye to her. The next two days I would start the trip to Asian University for Women where I am being taught and nurtured. I was lying next to my grandmother. Although there were lots of things we wanted to say, we were both silent. Being in her arm, I felt little, tender, and protected. I fingered her rugged skinny hands which cooked my favorite dishes. "Try to eat and drink in moderation to gather the strength for the upcoming university entrance examinations,” gently she told me at each meal. …I marveled she was almost 70 years old, but still incredibly interested in study. She unburdened her soul to me that she had to abandon her studies at grade 5. At that time women were spattered with mud all day long and couldn’t get the chance to study like men. She got married at the lovely15 years old, instead. Her overwhelming aspiration to learn has always burned. She, therefore, is dedicated to her grandchildren’s schooling. Especially as I am the one who first entered university, I get more care of her. She asks our grades, and then at the end of each school year, she commends us for good results, and encourages those whose studies decline as well… I heard her sigh, cough slightly, and sniffle. She was almost moved to tears as she told me in a voice choked with emotion, "I feel genuinely sorry for the old days as I strenuously brought up five children alone. Your mother was the biggest child, so she could not go to school. If she had got a decent and proper education, she wouldn’t have to struggle with sewing day and night.” Her voice was full of tears. She said, "I am very proud and content with results you have attained up to today. After I’m no longer alive, you’ll have to inspire your brothers and sisters to study hard." Praise the Lord I have you my grandmother. Now I understand your sentiments. In this distant strange country, I will pray you‘re always healthy waiting for the day I come back. I promise to reach the summit of your wishes. I want to say out loud to everybody my grandmother is so wonderful. Thanks to her support, I have what I have today.

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Yes, your grandmother is really wonderful as she has supported u in every possible way. i wish you all the best that you do fulfill the wish of your grandma and come out with flying colors. Keep writing

Regards, pooza

Hi Ngan, I felt like having a grandmother like yours. I will pray for your wish that you can meet with your grandma when you return your home. your grandma will be proud of your success.

Love Arpita

The selfless acts of the generations before us should greatly commit us to bettering our and our next generations future. Your story, greatly emphasizes this point and I truly appreciate your entry.

Your grandmother is truly a noble person. She seems committed to your empowerment and trusts that you will take full advantage of your education. I believe you will continue to pass this message on to your friends, family and future generations, just as you have shared with the PulseWire community. Thank you for reminding us how the sacrifices of past generations have contributed to our current successes.