Sophie and Aneh discussing about STEM education for Girls during a Cooking Show
Sophie and Aneh discussing about STEM education for Girls during a Cooking Show: Thrilled to be a guest on Aneh's Cooking TV Show.
CEO of Aneh's Cooking TV Show. On the Cooking Show talking about STEM education for girls.

Last month I received an exciting massage via face book messenger form a lady appreciating the work I do for our girls. Her words were so kind and touching. Later on she inviting me to be one of the special guests on her TV Cooking Show. Pondering about the relationship between STEM and cooking, I was confused about what response I could give. During our chat she explained the link and I happily accepted the invite. Yeah! I was happy because this was another amazing opportunity to have my campaign reach a wider audience and touch many more lives.

For the past 6 months, Aneh Mundi as well as many other people have been following up my digital action campaign and activities for “Bring a Girl to STEM very keenly on social media.

Aneh Mundi runs a TV Food Show in Cameroon called “Aneh’s Food Show” which is broadcasted on our national television station on Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV). She is food scientist and a community leader excelling in the field of cookery. Aneh is very concerned about good health and wellness.

I was very honored and excited to learn from her that I had caught her attention on social media causing her to follow and support my vision for change.

During the show she explained that cooking is the art of using the knowledge of food science be able to prepare food stuff in a way that will be appetizing and keep all the nutrients that the food contained. We chatted over the work I do at CYEED especially about “Bring a Girl to STEM” digital action, at same time we were cooking the delicious meal.

The meal for my session was cabbage and fish. She talked about the health importance of cabbage, the essence of fish and how to avoid destroying the nutrients in this rich vegetable. It was exciting to see how she used an appropriate cooking method that kept all the vitamins in place.

I admired the way she blended the art of cooking and home economics into STEM. This lady really impressed me by the way she presented and led the show. I was very happy when she opted to be one of the mentors for our girls.

Another exciting period during was during the recording of the show with lots of fun behind the camera. On that day I met 2 other outstanding leaders who were also invited guests for the cooking show. It was great meeting and connecting other champions and sharing our challenges in community leadership. We talked about our different projects, thinking of ways we could work together for a greater impact.

At the end of the show, there was good link between the science of cooking and the STEM programs. Hence forth we will collaborate on our projects.

We ended happily by eating the delicious meal. Women are real problem solvers and most powerful in bringing change in the community. When you educate a woman, you have empowered a whole nation. When our girls succeed the whole community, nation and the world at large will benefit.

Find the video link that went live on Cameroon Radio Television on Sunday  05/ 11/2017.


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Hello Sophie :)

How I wish to taste the food you cook :) It is wonderful to know that you are keeping up with your projects and connecting women with the same objectives :)

Connect with a heart.  Live a life of empowerment. Influence to accomplished.



Beloved Sophie :)

Thanks for sharing it with us !!

well to be honest am, not a good cooker :D but I love eating.

am glad to know about your struggle!

"If you can you will, If you think you can not you will never"