The National Coordinator of MOS Championship encouraging parents to register their children especially girls at CYEED training center
The National Coordinator of MOS Championship encouraging parents to register their children especially girls at CYEED training center: Experts agree that STEM education with emphasis on digital literacy, programming, coding and robotics will form the bed rock for sparking creativity and innovation in Cameroonian youths.
  • Girls are very excited after watching the video of past female winners from Cameroon.
  • Question answer session about MOS championship.
  • Enthusiastic participant listening attentively to the speaker.

“Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Championship 2017”

On the 12 May 2017, I launched the second part of my digital action Campaign at CYEED office, Bamenda. The goal is to create awareness about “Bring a Girl to STEM” global campaign.

We want to insure that girls and boys have equal access and success at equal levels in international and national STEM programs or competitions and win awards. I am on a mission to break the stubborn stereotypes about STEM education for girls.

On this day we had a special guest speaker Mr Abah who is the National Coordinator for MOS championship in Cameroon. I am currently working in partnership with him to run this competition which is open to both girls and boys ages 13 to 22. I invited him to CYEED’s computer lab and training center for an information session for students and parents about MOS championship 2017 and to encourage girls to register.

His brilliant presentation got the girls very excited as he explained the importance of participation such as:

    - Receiving an international certification from Microsoft - Receiving national and international awards.

    - The possibility of 4 - 6 winners to travel to California, USA for the award             celebration.

     - Becoming a world champion, connecting with other champions and making        news and lots more.

Instantly 2 parents registered their daughters. Later during the day after doing social media publicity, I received 3 phone calls from parents asking me to secure a spot for their children. My Facebook in box got full with questions about the registration process.

At the end of the session, I asked the children whose parents did not come to extend the message to their parents when they get home. By the close of that day I had received another 2 calls form some parents to get more information.

Most amazing during this event was when we watched a video of the past female Cameroonian winners of the MOS championship, that got the girls shouting. All the participants asked about 3 questions each, showing how interested they are about the program.

I was happy to see Mr Abah smile as he swiftly and patiently answered all the questions. I am very excited to run this championship at my center and I will do my best to have a winner or two come from CYEED.

It is very amazing to see girls excited about STEM applications and already inspired to choose STEM education at school, getting encouraged to play a leadership role such as peer-education and later on consider a career in STEM field.

Dear parents you are invited to send your children for the 1 month training right now. that will change their lives forever. If you want to be part of this changemaking experience contact me now.

Together will double the number of girls that participate in STEM programs and win international awards. Join my campaign, spread the good news and follow #STEM4Girls and #Mentors4Change.

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Great job! Congratulations. You are really changing the life of all this girls, they are gonna have new tools to develop as profesionals. I am gonna be reading about your project, Ilive far away but is really interesting to see how technology is spreading thanks to projects like yours!


Dear Franroblesc, Thanks you very much , you are welcome.

I also look forward to run project-based programs to teach them hands-on digital skills run training in a well-equipped computer lab and STEM workshop. I will run an awareness to campaign to raise awareness about STEM programs for girls in Cameroon. The campaign will stimulate girls to attend the programs in order to inspire them to opt for STEM education in secondary schools. Thanks.

Sophie Ngassa

Founder & Director at CYEED

Dear Sophie,

I admire your fervor for gathering the girls for STEM! This ensures that a generation of digitally-literate young women will be leaders in the field in the years to come. I am pleased at how you have also woven into the program the ideas of gender equality as well. Keep on with this essential work that you are doing. I hope you find support along the way for your own self-care. Trust that I am here to keep on listening to your next moves as you provide direction to the girls in your program.

Blessings, libudsuroy

''Every Day is a Journey and the Journey itself is Home.'' (Matsuo Basho)