Since the world has known instabilities (economic, political ...), social environments and environmental know their tricks various problems (hunger, poverty, poverty, epidemic and endemic diseases, violence ...) . populations suffer more. Democratic Republic of Congo is a country that is hit by these problems. in some places, people are so poor that they engage in debauchery. certain parents (or husbands), n 'assume their responsibilities and encourage their girls (and women) to have sex with several men to get money to meet their needs. imagine yourself looking for a girl, it must be for debauchery it takes into charge.Hormis studies, it must be food, clothing or even take care of his family (often very large). Dear parents (or husbands), offer your girls (and women) a life without debauchery and their rights. And we women know we enforce our rights? Incitement to riot is a form of violence reprimanded by the law, which many people do not know, because here in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo sexual violence is often used as a weapon of war. Incite debauchery is to rap!

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Ending Gender-Based Violence 2012.

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It's great to hear from the effects of social issues on gender violence from an African perspective. Keep fighting back and speaking out against these issues from a local perspective. A more concise argument and better formatting would strengthen your statement.

Hi Strange I'm very glad to see your comment.My country is a french one.I don't know english very well but I try to write and to speak it because i learned it.If you see a lot of mistakes just understand me.the text incentive to bing has been translated by google because I wanted to write something in goo english for the best comprehension of people who could read me.About cocncise argument,personnally I have never live such a situation but I have a friend who was a victim of incentive to binge.My friend was named Rachel.Her father were working and has a lot of money.He doesn't do anything with his money because he loved pleasure.Every day he could change women ane took prostitutes when and how he wanted.He spends his money in desorder.After some mounths;he has been chased on his work and he became jobless.He couldn't accept that life of poverty and he began to look men who could make sexe with her because he wanted to get some money.His daughters refuses all the time,then who begun to brutalize his wife and wanted her to convince their daugter to do that.When those girls saw that they couldn't continue to study or to buy clothes,they begun to make sexe with many married men.It was painfull for me to see what my friends was doing.Despite of all the advices we were giving to her and all the help we were bringing to her she doen't hear us.We advice her to denounce that but she refuses and said that it is her work of taking care of her family because her father does that for a longtime.She said that she loves her father and she couldn't risk his life just for her.We couldn't do something like that without her her permission and her volountee.She continue to do that.As we are in a country wich has many endemics illness ,she caught HIV/aids.She suffers as well and she died the last year.So,after loosing her we(her friends) decided to denounce her father and look justice on her memory.This one had been condamn and after some days he killed himself! It hurts so!

Nicole, thank you for talking about parents forcing their daughters and husbands forcing their wives into prostitution. I think that is a very important subject. The example of your friend Rachel and her family is so very sad. You and your friends are very brave to seek punishment for Rachel's father. By not accepting what happened and taking action, you are setting an example. Well done!