About Me: I am 24 years old girl who was born in the small village in Nepal. I was always kind of very serious girl from my childhood. My mom used to share her stories of how she and her sister suffered only because they were women. I am the first daughter of my parents and when i was born my grandfather made my mom to leave the house only because she gave birth to a daughter. May be it is because of that incident I had always some kind of inner strong desire to do something better than others so that my Grandpa would be proud of me. Though my parents were from an illiterate world, they sent me to school and they gave every opportunity to learn. After my schooling i came to Kathmandu-the capital city of Nepal for my further studies.

I was always good in conducting different programs and communication and social service was always of my interest. So, joined the mass communication and journalism.Now i am studying Master of Arts in mass communication and journalism, have just finished my tenure of president-ship in rotaract and I hold the position of "Miss Rotasia 2010" which is the south Asian rotaract award.

The community service has been the part of my life, either it was in school through Red Cross and Green Club or now through rotaract and my job. I have never worked as the regular reporter, because I always want to make my communication skills-a part of peace and community development. I desire to be the expert in the international communication and the part of peace and community development.

I was in search of the organization where I can be the part of it and at the same time I could raise my inner voice as well as share the story of the society I live in. Though I have visited many websites but pulse wire is the one community that made the strong desire in me, to be the part of it at the only one visit to this site.

I am really happy to be the part of it, more than that I can hear many stories of around the world. Thank you pulse wire for making me –one of the parts!!

My Passions: my life!!-making it so worthy to bring the positive change in people's life including me

My Challenges: finding the right track to work for the international positive impact

My Vision for the Future: to be the expert in the international communication and part of peace and community devlopment

My Areas of Expertise: communication skills, PR, ability to adjust in different communities


Hi beautiful friend, You are welcome into our family here online. I am so happy that you are here finally doing what you really love to do, I smile as I read your post and I am really impressed by your determination to excel against all odds, it is teh same in all developing worlds and we are the only ones who can put a hlt to this menace! If not our daughters will suffer the same fate. There are otehr beautiful writers from Nepal among us here especially from Asian Women University, they are thriving and fulfilling their goals. How I wish you will excel in order to satisfy yourself and not doing it to make your grandpa happy, I think by so doing you are trying tosend a signal that will make them think that their assumption is correct and you are only living to prove them wrong, the world knows that we are teh best, they are afraid to compete, we are not competing but just taking our place in humanity's history, no helpmate is worse than who she is to help, we can do it, that is why we were created to be the helpmate. Live your life pleasing yourself and your creator, not to please others who are angry at your emergent, be happy girl and enjoy every moment here. Search through the group directory and you can see that everwhere is loaded with beautiful people and new ideas to sail through life easily. I look forward to read more from you friend as I see that you are an excellent writer. Welcome once again dear.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

hey friend,

What a beautiful thoughts you have put on my thoughts. Really you are very true, i cant live my life just to make my grandpa proud of me or make someone happy. Well, that was only the desire which made me to work in the this field, so if my grandpa didnt do that perhaps the strong desire to make me work in the community may not arise.

And about making my grandpa proud of me, i think i have already succeed to do so, as i have done quite good and better than others and one day my grandpa cried before me that he is guilty for what he did in the past. So life is normal now!

However the thought you put"Live your life pleasing yourself and your creator, not to please others who are angry at your emergent, be happy girl and enjoy every moment here." it really nice and of course i enjoy being in this earth except sometimes when i forgot myself in trying to make others happy. you are absolutely right and i am doing the same and will definitely keep on doing so!

once again repeating your thought which makes me feel so good-"We all are special :)"-yes we are!!!

Thank you so much for your valuable comment !!


Nilima from Nepal

Hi missjenn,

Thank you so very much for the message and information about this opportunity.

I really appreciate it, and i will go through it to check it out if i am eligible or not.

Thank you once again :)


Nilima from Nepal