I am sorry! But I cannot stay without taking small part of this assignment’s place to express, how much it made me believe that pulse wire really cares for us and more than that it understands the inner nature of women and gives the outstanding ideas to deal with our own nature. “Seven Practices for Taking Back the Wisdom of the Feminine” has moved me the most And I have always believed that journey is most important while moving towards destination. The week four lesson has taught me all - in short.

Well, Living a very successful life and living a very satisfying life are different things and there are very few people having both in life. In life, one cannot always get the success in every step but what one can do is succeeding to give our best to everything we do is itself a success and which makes us satisfied. People have always made the comment that I am much matured than my age! Yes indeed! The journey -from a frustrating struggle to walk with the world to this place –where I am making a different walk for the world, was breathtakingly difficult yet I am much satisfied where I am today with the success I have got.

Since last few years I have realized that I am being much confident and stronger inside, with my commitment to my work and dedication in whatever work I do. While going through the last few pages of my life I have noted my few strong and weak points. I have fought with my weak points and I have walked carrying my strong points. I have always loved learning and I have always loved using my knowledge creatively. People have always given me the recognition for the way I speak and the way I write, so I see communication is one of the strong skills of mine. But communication without a finer reason is worthless and I had to use my strong point for the same. And there wouldn’t be the better companion –using communication which would represent many and which would bring the change. Communication with social issues is what I will be walking with. I look for the more ways to use my communication skills for the better reason and I also look for the huge knowledge on the social issues.

The work I have started- the reproductive health awareness among the girls child, is the first step that I have taken on my initiation except many community based works that I have done under the rotaract club. Through these girls, I aim to reach to woman in their home and then in their community. Because of the nature and the culture in which women are brought up, they are made to believe that they are the weaker gender; the change in the world is not possible without empowering women. But we need to work from the small issues that are stopping many to walk further, for the same I aim to bring this awareness through the direct communication and Social media so that not only women but the men who are many times had brought obstacles on women’s way can also be awaken.

I want to be the voices of our future Correspondent because I want sharpen my communication skills, I want to give voice to them whose stories are unheard and unshared and I want to be the one of the representative of the strong community which is the identity to be proud of. More than that I would like to have this opportunity to know many women, listen to their stories and take their voices to the right place to be heard and helped. This will directly help my vision for community; come true- women moving towards their desired destination without any discrimination without so called cultural barriers and with the much confident in them.

Shall I call it my selfishness? Through VoF I want to know the women around me in real, I want to listen to them in their own voices; the voices of the success or the pain and I want to make friends all around the world and celebrate my womanhood!

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Dear, I love this title, even taking the decision and following our heart is success. I will continue to reiterate the fact that the blood that runs in our vein is different form the blood in the vein of the rest of the world. We are a bunch of successful humanitarians.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

People like you and me-the voice from the different part of the world, if gathered and walk together, nothing is impossible!!

thank u so much for being here on my post which means a great encouragement to me:)


Nilima from Nepal

Nilima ! you're beautiful young voice - I admire young people taking the front sit in harnessing change, its our energy that helps us build momentum. I hope you continue to nurture your energies and become the mouth piece of your community

With Love and Kindness from the heart of Arabia ;-)

It wouldnt be so beautiful if you all wouldn't read it and understand the deeper story!!

thank u so much for your valuable time here:)


Nilima from Nepal

Celebrate my womanhood!...

Wow, i lovethe sound of that...nice writing, we share same passion when it comes to educating the young girls, they are for sure the sucess of future community.

Keep aiming higher and forever believing in the power within you endowen by God.


I am because we are :-)

yes it is the best thing to have womanhood in this world! My walk towards the finer cause is not possible without you all and i am much happier to be here!!! where i can share my womanhood!!! thank u for being there in this celebration :)


Nilima from Nepal

Nilima! You are really a powerful young lady and i'm so proud of your work. It is very true cos none can get success every steps we are walking on so we have to strive those obstacles thus we can walk together:) Your article is so meaningful.....we can succeed from our heart and mind!

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Hi Nilima,

It sounds as though you've been through a lot in your young life and have gained much wisdom from the trial by fire! thank you for maintaining the light inthe bushel, for not letting it be extinguished by thosw who would want to shut it out. I really commend you for forging ahead the way you do. So strong. I wish you the best with all my heart.


i am much grateful to you for your time on my post , and more than that understanding the deeper story of my life. your comment means a lot to me and i am really really thankful to you.

thank u:)


Nilima from Nepal

"communication without a finer reason is worthless"....it just echoes in my heart because I can relate. What better way or mission that to tie in social issues. Thanks so much for sharing this post and more power to you. Keep on and keep up :-)


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Yes it is the most great power to be in communication, through which i got friends like you and through which i got into this community.

thanx always:)


Nilima from Nepal

I love what you have said here. I'm interested to know more about the reproductive health awareness program you are doing. Sounds like fantastic work. Thanks!

It is very commendable that you wish to sharpen your communication skills to be a voice for other women. Have you thought of more specific ways you may be able to do this through PulseWire and Web 2.0 is general? It is wonderful that you already have a sharp focus for your energies (reproductive health awareness among girls), which makes it easier to broadcast your message over Web 2.0 through forming groups on PulseWire, creating a blogging campaign, video sharing, etc. There are some amazing ways to connect with other women who share your passion and to get information out to those who don't know much about the issue you are working on. Good luck and I hope to read more about your commitment to educating girls in reproductive health in PulseWire! Best, Lydia

I am so much thankful for your suggestions and your time on my post! yes i will be working on the same! and i will be consulting with other friends in pulsewire! i am just in the beginning phase now, and i need support to go ahead, and suggestion to implement!

i will be expecting the ideas and suggestions with support for my work!

thank u so much!


Nilima from Nepal


“I have to tell you a secret that will see you through all the trials that life can offer. Have courage and be kind.” ~ Cinderella

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