The dreams of a black woman are very fair and her truth pitch dark She is born with a pain to which no colour can be assigned It borrows the colour of water to fill her eyes to swim in the red wounds of her dark body She suppresses on her lips the silent screams of every dark person and turns darker still The dreams of a black woman fly away like white birds to pick bits of moonlight and scatter them in her lap A black woman longs for a fair child…


I love the imagery! The juxtaposition of the first two lines and the last two lines created a kind of circle, a connection, an infinite possibilities. The play of colors, black and white more specifically, gives texture and movement to your poem which of course, echoes the voice of the black woman who dreams and longs.

Poverty is man-made that we can undo.

Hi Katea,

Thanks. This poem was written many years ago at a workshop of painters and poets. We poets tried to bring colour into our verses. Being a black woman, I tried to comment against the depiction of black or dark as a negative colour.

Fond wishes,

Nirupama (Niru to friends)

Yes, I understand what you're trying to say and that's why I like it. It's the same here. Filipinos want to be as white as possible, which kind of what Meghan said in her comment. It took me awhile to understand, in my own way and level, that black or dark isn't always negative or bad, as white isn't always positive too. Sir Francis Bacon said, "all colours will agree in the dark." Thank you for sharing the poem.

Poverty is man-made that we can undo.

The last two lines of this poem are really powerful and haunting. Parents wish for their child to do well in the world, often times do better than they themselves have done, often times the parents over work and tire themselves to give their children the gift of something better. The resources and opportunities in this world are clearly given out disproportionately to wealthy white folks, so in terms of what SOCIETY TELLS US when they choose who deserves more than others, the white child would be the better off by birth. Possibly leaving parents of color to wish their child a life, an identity different of their own, which by standards could mean white, the "white life", the "privileged" life, as those seem to be synonymous with each other. When in fact we should we pushing for the the awareness of who has the resources, power, and opportunity, and not hoping to change people for the "better" when that just keeps on glorifying one type of person, and disregarding and keeping down many more people, unequally, and unfortunately traditionally.

"I am entrenched in a single thing", said by Pablo Neruda, felt the same by me, Meghan McInerney.