My own life has become a mirror for me where I clearly saw the picture of discrimination between female and male. The sad story begins just after my sisters’ birth. After few days of pregnancy, my mother was forced to do a heavy work and treated badly by her mother in law. Her fault was just she gave birth to a girl child for the second time. I could clearly see my mom pain in her face but at that time I was too small to help her .So, I couldn’t do anything for her. My mom tolerated every pain given by her mother in law without any objection. My grandmamma even forced my dad for second marriage to have a boy baby. But my father refused and decided to leave my grandmamma home but my mom didn’t agree to leave home as she was afraid of her community and its culture. After my father avoids, my grandmother left my home and went to her next son. This is the sad story of mine and many others homes in my country. Besides, the story of discriminations between male and female there are many others problem faced by women, girls in my community like dowry system, girls trafficking and child abuse. Dowry system has become one of the greatest problems of my country. Every year many women in my country lose their life due to dowry system. They are given touchier by their husband family or even murdered if they are unable to bring a dowry. Another greatest problem is girls trafficking, every year many Nepalese girls are sold and forced for prostitution. To overcome this problem in my community I and my community women have established a group discussion committee. Every weekend I and my committee organize a group discussion about the problem related to dowry system, girl’s trafficking and finds its solution. We declared our community as “dowry and discrimination system prohibited zone”. Those people who are found forcing for dowry and creating discrimination between male and female are given punishment. We also formed a saving group named Nari Bachat Sastha (women saving organization) where woman of my community deposits RS 5 every week. We give the collected money as a loan with low interest to community women who are in need. My community has changed a lot after this program but my vision is to see my country, world to be free from these kinds of problem. Before I came to Bangladesh for my graduate school, I got opportunity to learn about another greatest problem of my country, the problems are related to street child. On June 4 2010, I was fortunately selected to work as an intern in an INGO named CCS Italy that works in Nepal. I worked in that INGO for two weeks .I was send to a place named Chitwan, for survey about the street children lives. The program main aim was to find out the education status of street children but when I did the survey, I found another biggest problem. The situation of female child living in street was too worst. Most of the street children (girls) were abused .As the program was based for education I couldn’t do a single work for those girls in the street. I have a fresh memory of those Children who were abused, I felt guilty every time when I remember them as I couldn’t help them. The INGO which I have worked was based for education of children, so nobody was there to support me to help those girls. That time I realized I alone can only start the journey but need someone to give me a company. For me, the Voice of Our Correspondent can be the greatest company to reach my aim and goal. The aim to be a social worker and the goal to change my community, country and the world, to make it free from the problems of discrimination, downy, girl trafficking and child abuse. Though it may be me or someone else to be the winner but the platform and support provided by Voice of Our Correspondent will be the greatest for those who really dreamt to change the world.

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Dear Nisha,

in this part of the world, the stories seems so similar like yours and mine!! never to worry now we are the one to set the good examples in our society!!

lets walk together!


Nilima from Nepal

Dear Nisha, Your story is moving and powerful. You have educated me on the situation of girls and women in your community. By weaving in your personal story, you make me understand better, giving me a clearer picture of gender discrimination even at childbirth.

Your efforts to help women in your community through the Women's Savings Club is a creative initiative and a commendable one. You leave me wanting to read more and more of your stories.

Your desire ' to be a social worker and the goal to change my community, country and the world, to make it free from the problems of discrimination, downy, girl trafficking and child abuse.' is one that will liberate many girls and women in you community today and years to come..

Keep sharng your stories here. They are powerful and a treat to read.

Good Luck

 Founder - Greight Foundation Inc.