At birth, she is already regarded as a mother, she is nurtured into being a caregiver, she is looked upon as a lesser human by the men folks, she grows up with the burden on her shoulder.

As a youth she is regarded as simply a woman, a woman of grace some will call her, other see her like a sexual being, i see her as strong willed..

As she grows into maturity, she evolves overtime into a sister, friend and mother, her dreams changes into a fighter, fighting for her children..

Beautiful she, i see a beautiful she in every woman, she tills the ground to sustain her own, her beauty radiate beyond her face.

beautiful she, your beauty radiates from inside out, your beauty sees the atrocity of this wold, fight fight my beautiful she.


What a beautiful poem. It slipped by me somehow. It is interesting, sad, inspiring, all of the above and more about how we view ourselves and how others see us. We women are beautiful in all stages of live and in what we do. I forget to appreciate it at times. Thanks for the reminder!

Kathy World Pulse Project Manager

thanks kathy, we women are beautiful all the way,our life is a shinning example for people to emulate, i appreciate, keep the good work on.