Walking down this winding road of life, every turn and corner comes with newness to life that makes me believe that there has got to be more than what I have been offered. I stretch my eyes beyond the horizon in search of a deeper meaning to life. Some years have been better than others while some felt like a purposeless pilgrimage. Some of my winding turns have led me to clubs and groups that made it clear that there was not room enough for people of my gender- women. Frustrated and let down, I never gave up on my search for this deeper call and sense of purpose. This winding road led me to world pulse and oh, how I feel at home. Finally my heart arrived at a destination where there was room for one more woman and many more to come. I felt accepted and embraced by all the love and warmth. Coming from a culture that dictates the limits of a woman to being a wife, mother and home maker; I have always believed that there is more to being a woman than just being able to fit into the stereo type woman portrayed. ‘When you train a girl, you train a nation…’, It is sad to note that many women have not been given audience to express themselves and thus undermining their potential. I am blessed to be one of those that have an opportunity to speak for myself and I am determined to be a voice for the many silent voices in my community and country. As a child advocate, my emphasis would be on addressing the issues affecting the girl child. Now is the time for girls to be given an opportunity to live their dreams, now is the time for their rights to be enjoyed. This is why I applied to be a voice of the future candidate. I believe that there must be more to being a girl full of dreams and aspiration. I believe there is more to being able to take care of a home and do all the house chores. I believe there is more to being beautiful, graceful and attractive. I believe there is more to being able to get married and have children I believe there is more to being able to take pain and abuse in silence I believe there is more to being portrayed as an object of lust and fantasy for wicked men I believe there is more to just being a woman That more is the untapped potential in me If you only but give me a chance… I can thrive, I can excel, I can reach the skies and bring healing to a hurting world I have hope in the voice of the future…. It is a ray of hope at the end of my winding tunnel. I believe there is more…………..

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Hi Kirabo, not only am I inspired by your article, I love that you are from my country. Great piece right here, and you are so right, there is much much more to a woman than just being a home maker, child bearer, etc.

We have a voice, let us use it!

Great article.

'This winding road led me to world pulse' - you said. Let me tell you, that once you are here, there won't be any stopping for you! Best

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Boy, I don't know Stella, but I just love her already. Her comments are so on point! Ditto what she said, and, in addition, I believe there is so much more in store for you too!!

May your life be filled with abundant blessings. May all your dreams come true. May you find fulfilment in everything you do.

Love, Ruthibelle :)

Love, Ruthibelle ruthibelle.blogspot.com

Noelinekirabo, Your sense of purpose really shines through in your writing. I think you touch so many women with your words that you "believe that there has got to be more than what I have been offered." And then you are doing something about it, advocating for girls. I believe that your determination will help you effect change in your culture by helping women to find their voices. Never give up!



A lovely piece here that almost sings with inspiration and joy at the possibilities for the girl child- I wonder have you or do you also write poetry, because you incorporate a very poetic nature to your writing that would be powerful in poems. keep writing and bringing the personal to the global - I am certain you have much to say.


I am happy to share the same joy that you felt when you found pulsewire. It is such an incredible network of women and place to share stories and wisdom. Your writing is beautiful and your vision even more so. Keep up the positive attitude, and together we can make the a push to change those ideas of what it means to be a women. -Megan