Unemployment has left most households struggling to access most needs, some of which are basic human rights like access to water , education and meals.Women, who are by far the worst affected due to the ripple effect of their lack of education and freedom to explore entrepreneurship due to culture and/or social environment are the worst affected.However, some women have totally fought for the right to support their families financially, acquire money for medication, education and other necessities through the formation of community cooperatives which span from agricultural, housing and mining to religious groups and they do all sorts of activities to raise funds for their projects.It is this scenario which brought me to the realization that internet is not only one powerful ingredient missing in their midst but also that it can unlock more potential for networking , access to the global fountain of data which they can use to improve their work and access to markets and also a common tool the community can use for socio-economic activities.The introduction of community WIFI internet connectivity whereby solar powered basestations are used and available backhaul is used to connect them to the internet.As a ISP network engineer, i would like to help build green community internet infrastructure for these women to help them achieve their endeavors ie to trade and use their profits to access education, medication, housing and food for their families .Though these groups are many, i am mainly interested in farming cooperatives since they need to access the internet to check market prices of their crops, access buyers and do banking transactions conveniently.This can be enhanced or even made possible through internet usage and since most cooperatives are in rural ares, green energy is best.

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Thank you Nomagean for your post. indeed, the internet can be very empowering to families in rural areas. are there many women working in the sector at your country? here in Lebanon many women in countrysides work in agriculture. now with the Syrian crisis its mostly SYrian women doing the work too!

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Hi Bitani.Thanks for your response.There are many community based cooperatives which are initiated and operated by women.Most of them are agricultural since that is the most lucrative means of income generation in rural communities.Women train themselves and get various forms of support from the government and NGOs to start-up and maintain these initiatives and they are usually successful due to the extensive use of the income which they use to address their socio-economic needs.Women in my country are very ambitious and hardworking

Busayo you are right.Even i have come to know of things which were beyond my scope of thought through internet usage.The internet is one powerful raw material needed in wholesome development .It has been studied and proven that it actually increases the GDP of a nation by about 6% .I have no reason to doubt that.There is need to share information and skills and one fast and efficient way of doing this is using the internet.Zimbabweans are really embracing this technology.I just hope more people get access to this global fountain of information .Thanks for your post

I am with you Nomagean, Internet will open so many doors and opportunities for women who struggle everyday to make sure our communities are up and running. Accessing the markets and information will equip them to know what best to do in order to develop financially and skills as well. They will keep up with the world news and surrounding opportunities. I support you to have come up with such an idea.