About Me: Women in my community find it hard logging on and coming online for the following reasons

i. They don't know how to use the computer and the internet. ii. They can't afford to get a personal computer. iii. They think learning how to use the computer is hard. iv. The cost of internet access is high. v. The challenge of power (electricity) is also very high.

The local library can make it easy for women to use the internet by providing trainers to help train these women on how to use the computer and to make the cost of accessing the internet very cheap.

I have a cyber cafe where I render computer and internet services, so I help women who do not know how to use the computer and the internet who come to me, I also tell them the importance of knowing how to use the internet. I also recommend other trainers to them who can help train them. I will also start including computer training in the women vocational skills program I hold.

I have my own computer and internet in my office, so I feel safe going online, I use the internet every day, that's to tell you how safe I am. The government and technology companies should help in making our websites more secured from hackers.

My Passions: Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship,surfing the internet for information, writting, and reading business, motivational, success and inspirational books

My Challenges: Getting funds to empower more women

My Vision for the Future: To own an organization that will empower local women to access capital to sustain or start their own businesses, to make them banked, and train them on financial literacy.

My Areas of Expertise: Customer service, Mobile money, Banking,Blogging,Social Media,Motivation.


Dear Novine

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Hugs Busayo Obisakin CEO/Founder Women Inspiration Development Center Ile-Ife, Nigeria

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Nakinti B. Nofuru

2013 VOF

Founder/CEO Rescue Women - Cameroon (REWOCAM)

nakintin@yahoo.com or rescuewomen@yahoo.com


Welcome. as a woman who has taught myself how to access the power of the internet, I am excited by your efforts at empowerment with use of the internet availability and ability to access these powers.

Blessings to you. Yvette


Thanks Yvette,I also learnt how to use the internet and computer my self, I will just walk into the cybercafe's then, buy the time I want to use and just try surfing the net my self, when I am have any challenge I ask anybody sitting by me, to help me. I think women should be bold to learn everything they can to better their life,If I was intimidated to enter the cafe because i was ignorant of the use of computer/internet, I am sure, I will still be ignorant.

Women should always be willing to learn and have courage. If a man can do it,WE CAN DO IT ALSO.

Okocha Nkem

Founder & C.E.O,Mamamoni



Welcome, Novine! So glad to see you here and that you were able to meet Busayo and Olutosin and Social Media Week! It's very exciting for me to hear about the work you are doing to help women access the Internet. I would love for you to participate in our campaign, and thus be eligible to win a $20,000 prize!

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