About Me: Having received an invitation 12 years ago to serve on a committee in the development and setting up of an NGO to serve rural women, the invitation was accepted and eighteen months later the NRWPTT was launched, then in 1999 with the support of the Inter-American Institute for Corporation on Agriculture the Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers CANROP was launched.

At the time of the invitation I was serving as Chairman of The Consumer Guidance Council and brought that experience to bear in the forefront of my service

The main goals of the Network are to provide rural women with access to credit for micro-business projects, to contribute to government policies that are sensitive to and supportive of the special needs of rural women producers, to contribute to the elimination of the gender bias in the ownership of land, ensuring that women have the same opportunities as men to own property, the network also seeks to provide marketing support for rural women products and offer training to drive and develop entrepreneurial skills among rural women and strengthen the product base of its members, in an effort to make our contribution to the MDG's and elimination of poverty, research, technical support and outreach services.

I served on the executive in the first two years and was re-elected to serve for another term before leaving to serve in another NGO, however in 2008 I was again asked to return to the Rural Women Network, where I was appointed, to act as vice president until elections in February 23 2010, and elected as President.

My Passions: Development of Women as leaders

My Challenges: Never enough funds for training projects, and opportunities for development

My Vision for the Future: To have the strenght and health to continue to be of service

My Areas of Expertise: Consumer rights and responsibilities


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