These last two assignments are, from my point of view, the best you have offered us since the beginning. I confess that I still thought carefully about the answer that I give to the question "What is your vision for your life?". Today I found and I am proud to tell everyone that I "Telling a story of my life." Not as you would in a college with a diary, but with acts that I ask and I will realize that works. Because yes, yes I would educate myself on the history of my country, our cultures, our traditions, our morals, our rhythms, in short, anything that does what we are today to arm myself with arguments strong to defend not only the cause of women in the profession of journalism by becoming a model among many others, but also becoming a preferred partner for those who want to learn our culture. I find myself sharing the story of this life and accomplished this desire led to good effect with other young people (men and women) and lack of landmarks in disadvantaged and divided family as I am. Encouraging them to believe in their dreams because that is what I shall mostly as a lesson since I live on this earth. And I see this example of education, this example of success to stimulate, through workshops and exchange of shares, other young people to strive for perfection and set goals they will have developed ways to reach because the examples are better than all the rhetoric and theories that can be taught in high school.Only, yes only in this way, our communities will be eligible for best in all areas according to the desires of young people who have been doped work and excellence and will play an active role in the appointment of give and take world. That is my vision for my life, for my community and for the world. But to get there, I need training and experience in the field that I chose: journalism by the Information Technology and Communication (ICT). The latter are not that many in my country or my continent (that's when you're lucky enough to find them), I run up to the possibilities that are offered to me. Being part of the vintage 2010 of Voices of Our Future will be a golden opportunity for me because it will allow me to directly touch the finger at the realities that I'm facing since I chose the web to emerge and become a model. Furthermore, from what I noticed most women who participate in the forums or post articles in the network are talking about human rights, women's rights and anything that relates. However, I think women are also doing beautiful things in other areas and as I am particularly interested in music, I will try, wherever possible (especially if my English skills allow me) and once completed training to enrich the site with the portal and encourage more people to go, but especially more women to get involved. The questions I get asked most often, I usually reply by the acts which are the question.I hope, however, that I have provided satisfactory answers. Good luck to all candidates.

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It was really wonderful reading your post! Your spirit of enthusiasm in contagious! :) I like how you have numerated the situation well and I'm glad you've chosen a path to tell your story. You are certainly at the right place for that - I hope you find PulseWire to be a comprehensive platform in your endeavour.

Here's wishing you all the very best in that journey :)



I am here as part of the listener group to congratulate you on this last assignment. You had shown us a very positive vision. I found your text a little anxious and I can understand is full of enthusiasm. But this enthusiasm have to be trained in order to be well expressed to the reader, so a good starting point is to trace clear objectives to be worked on for each paragraph. Giving each assignment point a specific paragraph could also help to make things a little more clear, it is always good to work the pontuaction in order to make a more objective frase as well. I wish you all the best with everything, I am pretty sure you are on you way of improving yourself more and more .-)

Hi Ntag,

I agree with the comments above. In addition, I like that you want to incorporate ALL aspects of life into your work. Human rights and advocacy are important, of course; however, I believe that creating a place for people to share their culture, history, art, and music is another special kind of advocacy. As a journalist, I find it is sometimes easy to write about problems. I am inspired by your vision to have a balance between speaking out for justice and also highlighting the beauty of your country.

Best of luck, Ruth

"A writer’s job is to tell stories that connect readers to all the people on earth... Passionate and well-articulated ideas can and do change the world." ~~Mary Pipher