Web 2.0 excites me because of the limitless power available to any woman around the globe that can access the internet. Information from one woman in a remote village in Kenya can tell her story in her own words and many women from all over the world can read about it. Web 2.0 for me is local and global sharing, meeting and networking.

Look at what the internet did for Obama! Web 2.0 will bring access to valuable information, sharing of experiences and finding solutions from other women’s lessons learned from similar challenges. I think it will also possible to conduct global campaigns with local impact. Web 2.0 will offer an opportunity for unifying women and strengthen the global women's empowerment movement. In Kenya in particular with the recent Government initiative in starting ICT villages in the remote areas, by publicizing the power of Web 2.0 to the women in those areas and how it can help them in their lives, the number of women who will access and use Web 2.0 will increase tremendously.

Personally Web 2.0 has given me an opportunity to tell my story in my own words and find a ready interactive audience. In mid 2007 , I joined a social network for Virtual Assistants , apart from talking shop, the network enables members talk about other aspects of their lives. So when tragedy struck our family, My father passed away after an automobile accident, It was natural that I shared this with my newfound friends. The amount of support I got from the network was immense. There were there for me on a daily basis and just being able to share with then what was going on , helped me cope with the grief and loss better.


Dear Ntoweet,

It's nice to hear that you were able to use web 2.0 for support while grieving. Opening up to others is an important healing tool. I like your vision of global campaigns with local impact. In fact, I'm interested in more elaboration and detail on this idea of global campaigns with local impact.

That's wonderful the government is publicizing the power of web 2.0. You have taught me something new today!

The fight against violence against women is a global campaign, but when my next door neighbour has a face all black and blue because her husband uses it as a punching bag. The issue is local and too close to home.

What am I doing about it? I know that this happens ever so often, starting off with a heated exchange and then object hitting the wall then the beating and the sobs later that last way into the night.

She puts on heavy make up and goes to work the next day. She will be the topic of the neighbourhood for the next few day at the vegetable stall or the corner shop, all be pitying her and giving thier two sense about the matter and what she should do.

Held back by ignorance or minding your own business neighbours like us wouldnt want to say/do anything. Maybe all she need to know is that there is a way out, that if she does decide to leave she can get support. If she knew of someone else who left an abusive relationship and made it. She wouldn't stay on....How will she know if we don't share information, stories and expriences!

It is amazing that Web 2.0 technology is uniting us -- in support, healing and strength. Our collective power and voice will drive the global women's empowerment movement! Thank you for your post and stories. As an artist and designer, I am very interested in hearing more about how you plan to utilize your creative talent and broadcast your vision through Web 2.0. Creativity is a powerful outlet for expression. Just think of its potential when partnered with Web 2.0!

I think we can embrace Web 2.0 and have online real time shows, performances and forums! Market it like any show..get and audience and perform! I am sure it already being done....