Hello everyone,

I have been away first because of the prevailing conditions in Kashmir and then I lost my computer. Actually my PC crashed and I gave it for the repair. The shop was gutted in a fire before I could get my computer back. The computer had been repaired by the guy. His loss was bigger than mine as he lost a lot of machines amounting to 25, 00,000 Indian rupees. His tragedy was compounded by the fact that his insurance had lapsed and due to current conditions he had not renewed his policy.

As for me I am feeling handicapped. You all can understand how my position is.

So how is everybody. I have been missing all of you.

I also missed out on interacting with the new VOF group.



Salam my dear Nusrat

We have been missing you too . Iam so sorry for the losing of this man ,I feel so helpless too manytimes .

The new 30 VOF correspondents are great as the same as 2009 correspondents :)

Have a nice day

My love Alia

Dearest Nusrat,

Oh how we have missed your voice and hearing news from Kashmir. But so glad to hear that you are well, again connected to the Internet. So sorry to hear about your computer, and the man whose shop was burned.

We are eager to hear about news from Kashmir, and how you are doing my sister!

As Alia mentioned, the 2010 Voices of Our Future class is strong and already begun their curriculum. We also just finished the VOF speaking tour with Jackie, Sunita and Malaya. Such a powerful tour! You can read about their experiences in Jackie's journal.

We are now working on a campaign to help pass the International Violence Against Women Act, and collecting testimony letters worldwide. It would be so powerful to have a letter from you, as a woman in Kashmir. See the program page to learn more: http://www.worldpulse.com/pulsewire/programs/international-violence-agai...

Lots of love, Jade

Thanks Jade. I read Jackie's journal and have been keeping up with the updates on fb. The pics are there to tell all :)))))

As I mentioned I am a bit handicapped but I will try to write a letter. And tell me what is going on in WP. I want to contribute more.

Lots of love

With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 


Wow! It is so good to finally hear from you again and to know you are well (albeit the loss of the computer). I am so sorry for the loss of your computer and for the man's store. Sometimes the chaos of life is very difficult, yet we still continue to survive.

I send you love and strength. I look forward to reading more of your voice!



Nusrat - I can't imagine what it must feel like to lose your computer - I hope you had back up copies of everything that is most important to you so at least you can recover some things. So sorry to hear that the fellow's insurance had lapsed - I hope he is able to recover and start fresh.

I am glad to hear from you and look forward to hearing more from you when you are able to reconnect.



All Greetings Nusrat -

I have had this same thing happen twice where all files on a laptop were lost due to viruses. You had a FIRE virus! I feel so sorry too for the man who lost his entire business. Now I try to remember to backup everything on my laptop on an external storage site. It's a terrible lesson to go through.... very unsettling. You will definitely come back stronger through this.

I have good news, an opportunity and a quick question for you.....

Would you contact me about writing for Women News Network? You can reach me via this email: womennewsnetwork [at] gmail [dot] com

I can send you the details. To see the latest work at WNN go to: http:womennewsnetwork.net

All blessings and best, - Lys


Thanks. It's comforting when someone understands. Actually I had this kind of encounter before too. My hard drive crashed once but this time the loss is bigger :(

I should also take back up regularly. I will contact you for sure. I think we are a bit connected already through WINGS and Frieda.

Lots of love

With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 


Hi Nusrat

I am so happy you are back on line. YAYYYYY. To my experience the "computer gods" have been on a rampage of tricksters. Glad you are back and my sincere compassion for the man and his store.

I have been gone more than usual as well. My mother just turned 90 years old and is failing a bit more each day. I drive 2 hours to see her when I can. I will be with her again this weekend. Please hold a good thought for her.

love and hugs K-lee

K-lee Starland, Ph.D.

Oh I sympathize completely Nusrat :-)

For me too I tell people, it's not that easy for me from India like it was from the U.S. There I could say -- I will email tomorrow.

But here, i wake up and there -- either the phone is dead, or the electricity is gone, or the computer is down. It's the miracle of the triple mantra.

But take the rest while you have it ! Happy New Year.

Rita Banerji www.ritabanerji.com

You are absolutely right. And I kind of fear that people like my editor in US might think I am making too many excuses.

Thanks for the understanding.


With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 


Hi Nusrat,

It was good to find out that you were a VOF correspondent. Hope to be enriched by your works.

BTW, you are the one Afsana featured in theweekendleader website?

Rgds Jency