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In a church band in Kenya a girl of nine sang the praises of God. Sixteen years later the girl now a woman hopes to record an album about the woman of Africa and her troubles.

The woman Stella Ndugire Mbugua is passionate about music as well as seeing women out of destitute situations.

After her bachelors in Communications and Sociology and a Diploma in Law from University of Nairobi Stella joined Centre for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW) a Kenyan NGO. The organization has the mission to transform society by empowering women and expanding new frontiers for women’s rights and freedom.

“My work ensures that underprivileged women speak out against sexual and gender based violence,” says Stella adding that she wants all women to join the cause of making the Kenyan society harmonious.

Stella who is learning to play guitar finds both music and writing therapeutic. “ Journalism has made me realize that my voice matters no matter how small an issue is. I have the world listening and cheering me on to bring change wherever I am”

Cherishing the desire to an influential Director in Women and Development Communication her heart longs to see the Kenyan women liberated from sexual and gender based violence. The reason she joined CREAW, first as a volunteer and then a Communication officer.

Untapped is how Stella describes herself adding, “There is no limit to where I’m going. I feel I have so much potential. I need to speak out for the voiceless.”


“There is no limit to where I’m going. I feel I have so much potential. I need to speak out for the voiceless.” I feel those words are the pulse that we all here feel the beating of, what a great interview and so interesting to learn more about her.


Nusrat, Your quotes from Stella do a wonderful job of capturing her spirit. The quotes also do double duty helping to describe the spirit of World Pulse and Voices Rising. Blessings, Debra


Thanks dear. It means I have succeded in my efforts. Thanks once again.

Lots of love. Nusrat

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