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I stood alone on the grey sands of the beach watching the sunset. I watched the fiery mighty ball slowly immerse itself into the sea like a sinking ship and losing its power and glory. The rays from the sinking sum were imparting a golden hue to water as if setting it ablaze. I looked on the vast expanse looking for nothing but yet for something. Everything was left far far behind. I was really alone, I had no hope, yet I unknowingly was not ready to give up. I had given up. There was no resistance left in me. I just flowed with the flow and drifted with the drift.

The breeze started to blow slowly and threateningly as if warning of the upcoming storm. As the breeze brushed past me, it was more like a caress soothing yet discomforting. I tried to make out what it had to say. I knew that soon the darkness would creep in and embrace the whole expanse. I wasn’t afraid, neither worried. I stood still and alone and waited. Waiting for what I knew not. May be an unknown thought an unknown feeling, an unknown presence or an unknown guidance. I really didn’t know that my feet had sunk in the sand and water was lapping against them. I felt nothing. I was numb, distant and lost. I was searching, searching for the answers to the questions, which plagued my mind.

There was an unsettling peace within me, which was a warning of an oncoming storm. It resembled the sea before me. So calm, so peaceful just before the storm that nobody could have a clue about its fury and power of destruction. Yet it gave signs to those who could understand in various forms like movement of birds and fishes. It has its own way of warning, but one needs an insight to understand it. The unsettling peace served as a warning to me. The scene before me – was it a mirage or perhaps a reality. Depended on the way one looked at it.

I stood still as grey clouds envelope the sky. The atmosphere started to change from bright and beautiful to gloomy. Soon the sea started to roar with thunder and lightening also chiming in. I knew soon a storm would break out, yet I didn’t move. I still waited for what I did not know. It was as if the storm was going to decide what I wanted to. A light drizzle started which I knew would soon transform into a heavy downpour. Still I didn’t move, the sea really started gathering storm and the struggle within me also started to gather momentum.

I still stood still as larger and larger waves started coming onshore. I stood alone, unknown lost and defeated with no idea what to do and where to go. I stood alone, waiting perhaps for a guiding light.

Suddenly a large wave ended in a splash in front of me drenching me and also showering water on my face. As the water touched my face, I closed my eyes and my hands came up to my face in reflex. I opened my eyes and took off my hands.

I found my friend with a glass of water looking intently at me. She had sprinkled water to wake me up as per my instructions before going to bed last evening. My look puzzled her. She tried to find out whether everything was right. What she was unaware of was how she unknowingly had given a touch of reality to my dream. Oh I was relieved it was just a dream or was it.


Dear Nusrat, you are not alone oooo. we are all here with you. great work dearie. Soory to hear about the strike. we know this is an opportunity to share with us the the causes, effects and the solutions to future strikes. With Love, Gifty

Gifty Pearl Abenaab Founder Greight Foundation

Thank you dear though I like the poem more. The goal of a writer is to take along his reader. that is a huge compilment.

Lots of Love


With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara