I had to make an official call in the morning. I dreaded it. I had to call a much senior colleague asking what of the mail I sent some five days ago.

For one the older generation in our organization is a bit technologically challenged. Of course not their fault as internet and other technological advances are quite recent. I knew he won’t have checked his mail. Also I understand it might be pretty awkward to answer to a much more junior. They can be very rude at times. Things are like that in my part of the world.

With a strong determination I place a request to our office operator to put a call to the destination. A few seconds later the phone rings. I pick up to hear a sweet voice. Reluctantly I introduce myself. On hearing that the call is from the head office of the organization that is where I am placed, he says is everything alright. Are we safe? Our branches always get alerted by a call from the head Office :)

I inquire about the mail. He good humouredly tells me ‘let me check’ I think I could see him smile :)

So he goes. I could hear him Outlook Express: Login: Inbox :

“Who is the mail from” I tell my name

He then goes on to read the mail with me listening and smiling.

“Ok I will send you the required today”.

“Please do” I say smiling.

He thanks me repeatedly I don’t know for what. After putting down the phone I think had to thank him because he had made my day as I felt happy for unknown reason.

I had made two similar calls a few days back and felt too bad and apprehensive about them. There had been tension on both the sides. The circumstances have been similar in all the three cases as I request our branches to do a little work for our department. I know they have to squeeze time for it which might be difficult but they have to do it nevertheless.

What was different about this man? I should have been irritated by him for not checking the mail. Also he made me to patiently and without any anger listen to him read my mail. To add to it he made me smile and feel good. I felt it was a good beginning for a day.

This episode made me to pledge that I will be nice to people, smile a lot and make them feel better. How much will it cost anyway. And I think from today’s experience I will be paid well instead. There is nothing like feeling happy for unknown reason.

As I read somewhere in the etiquettes of a phone conversation.


I saw it today and also felt its effect. So I recommend it to everyone. Trust me it’s worth it.



Thank you for these wonderful words of encouragement. I am writing and smiling right now. It's so true that smiles are contagious. Your smile made me smile. It's amazing when a situation that could have be full of tension, instead is full of kindness. :) Jody

Hi Nusrat,

What a fun journal to read - and thank you for reminding us how important a simple smile can be. I am smiling as I type this... can you tell?

Hugs, Jade

Nusrat, by simply writing about your experience, you suddenly sent forth and spread smiles around the world. How powerful is that? Thirty-five people have read this now and just think -- they are all smiling now. Thank you for this simple reminder which I hope will spread like wildfire. Big hug, Janice

Thank you. I am glad to know atleast a few people read it. I too hope and pray it spreads like wildfire. The message is worth it :)


With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 


Thank you so much for this, Nusrat. Love it and I promise myself I will smile all day just like in that silly facebook picture. Have you received the workbook yet? love K-lee

K-lee Starland, Ph.D.

That is not a silly picture dear. The picture radiates happiness. It is not only in you but the surroundings as well. Oh how I wished I was in a similar setting :)

No I haven't got the workbook yet. Will let u know when I do.

Lots of Love

With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 


After reading about smiling :) I went that evening to a meeting. A man-doctor type came in all full of himself and in the course of the evening wanted to play the "male/doctor power game with me." Even though I was churning a bit inside, I sat quietly and smiled at him with all the happiness and compassion I could muster. After the meeting he came up to me and apologize for his anger and said my "gentle smiling" helped to calm him down. Worked like a charm, Nusrat. Thanks for this one! K-lee

K-lee Starland, Ph.D.

Thanks Starland for sharing this. I hope this gives motivation to more people to gon on smiling. It ain't easy but no doubt worth it :)

With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 


Nusrat, I really enjoyed this entry. What you say is so true. I manage a large customer service organization and when we survey our customers, we ask if they could here a smile in the voice. You really can hear a smile - just as you felt it.