A 14 years old orphaned girl is rescued from an early marriage taken to Ulamba orphanage and community centre in Gem, Siaya County where is happy to continue with school.
A 14 years old orphaned girl is rescued from an early marriage taken to Ulamba orphanage and community centre in Gem, Siaya County where is happy to continue with school.: (An orphaned girl finds herself in the hands of a relative who is unable to afford her education. She was later forced into marriage to a man she didn’t like at all. She sought help from FIDIPA an NGO and women paralegal Anastasia Muga where she got assisted and eventually had a chance to go back to school).
  • Diana and Anastasia Muga the women paralegal

An orphaned Diana Anyango  is a 14 year old girl was born in Ukwala  district by the late Gabriel  Okoth who died in 1998 and  Rose Auma who died 2001. Diana was left under the care of the grandfather Johaness Mfuya in mudhiero village Butere-Mumias District where she stayed when she was going to school. The grandfather also a widower could not support her education and buying uniform books and other education requirement. Diana was then encouraged to look for a job as house girl.

One holiday, when she went to visit her aunty sister to her mother in Ginga village Wagai East sub-location, this is where I am married. She opted to live with her and therefore changed school where she sat for her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in Nyagonda Primary School. She passed and was called to a nearby secondary day school but the Aunty could not afford to pay her fees to secondary and instead requested her to go and look for a job as house help in the nearby town.  Diana was bearable with her Auntie’s continuous nagging story of her being hired as house girl. Whenever she would ask for even soap, she would be reminded that she was good for nothing, while on the other hand her sister in law would always want to take her to his brother to be married. After sometime of persuasion from the sister in law she accepted to get married,  due to frustration, although she did not like the man. Diana regrets how problems and hatred from her relatives forced her to budge into marriage with a man she did not like. “ne aonge kuma dasoye wiya” I had nowhere to put my head.

Diana was determined to continue with studies and she believed one day she will get help.  Within three months of marriage, she was still determined to escape and move on with her education. She went to the nearby market Wagai and heard my songs being played in the music store; apparently she heard me on radio one day talking about girl child education and challenges and what they should do. She then asked a lady tailor if they knew my whereabouts.  She was careful and pretended she just liked my music, since I am known in that community, she then got my telephone number which is in the music CDs. Unfortunately she did not have money or phone to call me but managed to trace me through a women paralegal Anastasia Muga who contacted me and we took the matter to the chief. After having an interview with the chief and confirmation of her interest and desires, she was sent to Sagam community hospital for tests of HIV and pregnancy. After the tests were done, they took the results which were negative and an action from the chief was that Anastacia negotiates with the nearby orphanage and take her there. The man was summoned by the Chief and got some good beating. He pleaded innocent saying, “I was just given please”. The man was then released.

 It was also decided upon her request for her to repeat class eight, which she did, since getting fees to high school was a challenge at that time. The paralegal Anastasia with the help of Chief and area education Officer facilitated her late registration. Diana later joined form one and she wants to be a doctor. Asking what advice she had to other girls who would be going through the same situation, Diana says “Nyaka gingé gima gidwaro engimagi to gibiro yude”. Meaning that  girls must remain focused and know what they want in life and it will be possible to achieve it, she added that  where there is will there is way as she was  forced in married but managed to escape before conceiving because she was determined to cross the bridge to higher learning .  She is not blaming the grandfather and the Aunty for pestering her to be hired as house girl, or to get married, but she says it is lack of motivation that cause girls to be more  vulnerable. This encourages me to continue with primary school motivation programme even a midst logistical challenges to enable us cover a wider area.  

Lastly Diana appreciates Nyapaul and the work of the paralegal Anastasia and pleads that her siblings whom she doesn’t even know there whereabouts could also be helped. She regrets that in muthiero Butere Mumias District where there are no paralegals such cases are hardly handled and there are so many girls suffering in silence.  She regrets that her younger sister could have been married off if not hired as house girl and younger brothers could be just be working somewhere as a herds boy, she hopes that Nyapaul and her team would look for her sister, so that she can also continue with her education. She was grateful to the paralegal for facilitating change in her life. I relate this to a falling bridge because her schooling was already falling but through empowerment and determination she was able to cross a dwindling bridge to a brighter future. Diana is a good example and we pray that she would complete her studies.

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Dear Nyapaul,

Thank you so for sharing the story of Diana as it is important one to share. I really enjoyed your connection of education to a bridge because education really does expand what you are doing and can get you so much farther in life. I hope that she is able to return and continue on with her studies. Thanks again for sharing this powerful story.

Sincerely, Alyssa Rust 

Thank you Alyssa. I have a  niece called Alyssa beutiful girl, very inquiestive, the other day she spoilt my radio when they visited because she wanted to see the person talking inside. When I see your name it reminds me of her.  I love you for your time and ecouraging words. 

It is my prayer  that one day we shall have an international exchange conference in Africa just to share ideas of our continent and build one another, but before that may be have a skype meeting on key and common issues for about one hour if possible.

Once again thank you and stay well. Keep up the good job.


Hello Nyapaul, 

Nice story of perseverance. Thank God for people like you and your friends extending help and support to Diana when she needed and want it the most. 

Unfortunatley there are still many girls and young women trapped in the a situation where they are left with no choice. Unless parents and men acknowledges the importance of education and freedom for girls and women real change can happen. If they would stop to objectify women and respect their inherent dignity communities would be more progressive. 

May your tribe increase! 

Regards, Coolasas


I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. (Invictus W.E. Henly)

Dear Coolasas,


Many thanks dear, it true the power of women and influence is not a joke if only they knew, women can be the change they want.


Dear Nyapaul. WAO! I really commend the courage of Diana and the strength to hold on to her dream. So many women and girls like Diana are all over the places, we need to reach them and make sure they heard the message of hope. thank you so much for the good work you have done in the life of Diana and thanks for sharing this with us.

Love Busayo

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Dear Busayo,

Good to hear you, thank you for a good job too. When you come to Kenya please visit us.

Thank you