Although Women in the world have gained significant legal rights, yet many women still don’t have complete political, economic and social equality with men. Deep-seated cultural beliefs allow women only limited roles in the society.

Many people believe that women’s natural roles are as mothers and wives. These people consider women to be best suited for childbearing and house making rather than for involvement in the public life of business or politics. Widespread belief that women were intellectually inferior to men have led most societies to limit women’s education to learning domestic skills. The denial of equal rights to women has met only occasional protests and drew little attention from the public and relevant authourities. Because, most women lack the educational and economic resources that would enable them to challenge the prevailing social order, women generally have accepted their inferior status as their only option and continued to suffer in silence. Technology has come to our rescue. Increasing access to communication and new media such as Web 2.0 and citizen journalism is a sure way to make our voices heard, strengthen collaboration and accelerate the exchange of working models for women’s empowerment and global challenges. As a young girl from a rural community in Nigeria where gender imbalance, gender-based violence and the continual suppression of women rights is still the order of the day, my heart bleeds. I see myself as an activist and an emerging force working to promote and advance the welfare of women from Africa to Asia, to Australia, to Europe, to North America and to South America. With its unique features of social media and social networking, I feel so excited that Web 2.0 is going to provide me with the much awaited and sought-after opportunity to amplify my voice, develop networks and build lasting relationships. I can feel my voice transcending across the globe, expanding my readership, transforming myself, making an impact and collaborating across oceans, continents and cultural barriers. Web 2.0 is going to be an indispensable and empowering tool for me. It is going to be a sure key to self-discovery and personal satisfaction. I have a thousand and one ideas rolling in my brain as regards what to do with web 2.0 to actualize my dream of a world devoid of any form of discrimination against women, where women are empowered to assume their rightful places in the society. I can’t wait to explode.”Women, our time is now”. Lets ARISE.

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Cant wait to read more lady....

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Eliana-Thank you so much.Im greatly encouraged. Aida-A great challenge indeed.Worldpulse is empowering us to brace up. Coachmarcie-I feel so humbled.Remain blessed. Pheebsabroad-Pulsewire is here to break those barriers.I can feel you now,though several miles away.

Nnenna Urom

just reading your post! You have painted a concise picture, a summary of the state of the world when it comes to women, with your powerful beginning.

Looking forward to learning more about you.