Did you know that In 10 years it is predicted the number 1 English speaking country in the world will be China.

I know that In many languages including mine Akamba and Swahili, meaning is lost when ideas, expressions, cultures are translated into another language. There are some things that can only be said and expressed in the native language! So what information will we be communicating on the internet? will this information be less rich in ideas, expressions, culture. Web 2.0 does not discriminate it’s not an English only! it allows me to express myself in whatever language I am comfortable with.

Did you know that It took 38 years for the newspaper to reach a market audience of 50 million people " 13 years for the TV to reach a market audience of 50 million people " 4 years for the internet to reach a market audience of 50 million people

I know that I am one of the 50 million people Newspaper, Tv and the Internet have reached. But with what type of information how not to look fat! how to look beautiful with long blonde hair! Paris Hiltons dog died!.. how does this help me if I live in a country with weather and soil that can grow rich organic food so I don’t need to worry about looking fat! I am African and it is impossible for me to ever have long blonde hair! And the dog died! I really can relate with this information see…. Web 2.0 allows me to join groups and communities in an area of common interest where we share and support one another .For example I am a member of www.nappturality .com and natural hair group on facebook. These groups were created by women they are a movement seeking to encourage African women to accept their natural hair and not to conform to the “white lye” hair relaxers. Here’s an interesting article all African women should read this http://www.nappturality.com/modules/wfsection/index.php?articleid=55

Did you know that There were more than 137 billion searches on Google last year To whom were those questions directed to before Google?

I know that Before G these questions were directed to elders & certain women and men of the village whose areas of specialty determined what questions were directed to them. I find it interesting that a lot of people learnt to speak their mother tongue in Africa, without reading a book or writing in this language. But they can effectively communicate in this language. The reason is that in African culture the medium of transmitting information was oral or through artistic expressions for example the patterns you find on beads they have meaning. Web 2.0 still allows me to capture this wisdom and share it to the world in video without loosing too much culture. And with the fiber optic cables set to reach my country by June this year I can download, and live stream video at ease.

Inspired by did you know that!

Join the African hair group Read Know and Pass this On!


Hello Nzazu,

I know that i you know now know that Web 2.0 tools are enablers of information from the marginalized to the exposed. I like your sense of pride.

Keep it up and lets learn.

Journalist, Blogger and Content Manager

Hi Nzazu,

Being from the Great White North - Canada that is - I am proud of my country, but not always so ... happy ... about the images that we in the West often seem to project to the rest of the world. I currently reside in Bangladesh and feel my 'whiteness' all the time - though its red hair, not blond for me. It definitely caught me off guard, and really made me quite ashamed when I realized what an influence 'white' has on the young women in South East Asian - whitening cream is everywhere - they even have whitening deodorant!!! My fellow teachers and I were slightly taken aback when we realized how many of our students tried to whiten their skin - and I think they were equally shocked when they realized how many of us like to get a good tan now and again. So here you have it, the Asian's trying to get whiter and the Western's trying to get browner - each thinking the other is beautiful just they way they are. The reasons for these ideals and desires are complex and have deep roots - but cultivated properly they can change.

I look forward to the day your fiber optic cable is up and running so you can share the beauty of your culture with the world. The more access is possible across the world, the more we as women, young, old, and in the middle can interact, respect and appreciate our differences. I look forward to the day I no longer have to read about Paris Hiltons dog or the best whitening cream in Asia that will help me find love. I await the day when web 2.0 allows me to read/see/hear our love for ourselves - both inside and out (even though it is cliché - it's true!!).

Cheers, Angela

Yes that white "phenomenal" thing is all over here are many more examples

White house White wedding dress( claims to give u purity for the few hours you wear it) White hair relaxers(claims to give u straight hair I call it hair plastic surgery.If u can change the natural state of u hair, u can go for any other form of plastic surgery) White body creams go around the supermarket most of the body lotions are white White rice ( its cleaner finer more refined the brown one is the dirty one for the peasants but now we have come to see differently, and brown is the in thing brown bread,brown rice etc)

I cant wait for the fiber optic cable either, and what an investment the company thats building the fibre optics cables is called Seacom, and of yesterday they report that.... Submarine cable venture, seacom says that it has already signed up business worth more than 350 million dollars, the equivalent of 28 billion shillings, with more than three months before the cable goes onstream. The amount is slightly above half the company’s initial investment of 700 million dollars. The company has offered subsidised bandwidth to Kenyan universities in the hope that this will spur a potential growth in local content. Imagine that they have already made half of their money and the cables are not up and running.So don't tell me Kenya or Africa is poor we have the resources and money but just need to redirect it elsewhere and manage it well!

Dear Nzasu,

I had the privilege to read your first Voices of the Future assignment. It was absolutely wonderful!!

First, I loved that you used media (a YouTube video) as the basis for your essay. A great start to writing about Web 2.0! Also, I have seen the video before and was very interested in the information it presented. But you didn't stop there, you organised the essay by relating these large, global facts to your intimate, personal experience in life. A very effective and powerful approach!

Second, you have a great sense of humour that you back up with facts, external sources (websites, the video), and personal experience. I laughed out loud when I read your diatribe against media that feeds you irrelevant information, like news that Paris Hilton's dog died.

Third, you did not just glorify Web 2.0, but you also called it into question. The hegemony of the English language on the internet and the continued importance of other forms of media (oral history, patterns on beads), which might be diminished over time. This is evidence that you are a very deep and thorough thinker and I would encourage you to keep looking at things from a supporting, as well as a critical perspective.

From your writing I can tell that you are very passionate. Make sure that your writing is always clearly organised and thought out, as it is in this essay, so that your story and information will not be lost in the passion. I look forward to reading your next essays!

with kindness, carly diaz

Thank you Miss Carly,

I feel that we have connected.The first time I saw that video, I went hyper jumping up and down just knowing what was happening in the world today and what will happen in future in regard to digital technologies got me in a frenzy.

Theres an updated version of this video,and there was a website for those intrested in further discussioins have a look at it.

Laughter has got to go with everything.You see the language of laughter is universal you dont have to speak English,french,german,swahili to laugh.So I always try to get a ha ha out of everything including in my everyday living!

Everything cant be all good.And to present an argument of good about a thing whether it be a computer,dog, softdrink is not an argument there is always a but and or a negative side to things.So I had to give it a mention.

I am a very passionate person a creative! And for creatives you have to feel something before you do it.Its not like an accountant who at the end of the day as long as the books balance they can get away with it

Sometimes I just continue to feel hear things, connecting dots finally connect, and I get a little overwhelmed.So thanks for the pointer if my message is lost in the passion, then I loose the point of writing in the first place which is to pass on a message.

Nzasu – I really like the way you structured your posting –it kept me interested and wanting to read more! I also appreciated how personal your comments were, and felt like I got a real sense of who you are and what’s important to you. Your writing is clear, strong, and compelling. I look forward to reading more of your postings! Great job!

Warmly -- Patricia