About Me: President of the OFAT - Coordinator of the Rural Haitian Network Women- ICT Trainer for Women and Youth - Trainer Civic Education and Human Rights - Awareness and training on the proliferation of firearms in Haiti-Fight against all Forms of Discrimination against Women - in Trainer Strengthening Capacities of Organizations of Rural Women

My Passions: ITC - EDUCATION - Lecture - Information - commuications - Helping others in difficult times

My Challenges: Integration of Rural Women in ICT

My Vision for the Future: A world without discrimination or violence. A world where gender is accepted and applied by all

My Areas of Expertise: Rural - International


Ofathaiti, welcome to PulseWire. It's wonderful to meet you here. I believe you may be one of our first members from Haiti!

The work you are doing is amazing—I would love to know more about the Rural Haitian Network Women. What kind of work do you do?

I'm glad you found us and look forward to learning more about you and the work you are doing for Haiti's women.

All the best, Corine

OFAT coordinate a Network Women and Youth in the rural area. The network extends nationally and within ten (10) departments in the country with a national committee of ten (10) Member per department.

The OFAT aims to contribute to the institutional strengthening of women's organizations and development of rural women. She supervises, advises and trains leaders of organizations in different fields and passes these training courses to other women in their communities. She helps these organizations to submit projects to their specific needs and helps them seek funding. She also made a research in various areas such as funding sources by theme and specific donors.

Our actual project:

The primary objective of the network is training because we believe must first train our women before moving on to other steps.

1- She’s currently finalizing a draft community access center for women that will benefit the community. There will be a center in each department that will not be sufficient but it is widespread in common. This project will enable rural women to be open to the outside world in several areas.

2- We just start with the Formation and mobilization of the Rural Women on the CEDAW Convention. We translate it in the national language (Creole and French) before we form the trainer who suppose to form hers NGO’s members.

She fought and providing training in the following areas: Discrimination and violence of all sorts, fight to control gun violence in Haiti (poor circulation and traffic), civic education, access to ICT and strengthening capacity for empowerment of women, awareness of women in the areas of decision-making at all levels. Access to health care. Fight against HIV / AIDS.

I must note that the different types of organizations that operate in different areas is what explain an area as vast.

Guerda BENJAMIN OFAT - PRESIDENT Tel: 011 509 3457-7513 Haiti

Dear Guerda,

I just came across you page, and with your background in public service/community development in a post-conflict environment, I thought you might be interested in this opportunity in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

Travel, accommodation, and meals are paid.

Deadline to apply is February 1, 2013

Here is the link: http://worldpulse.com/pulsewire/exchange/post/62087

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