Being young affords some liberties, the freedom to dream and the vision of your life stretched before you like and endless road. At this point so many ideas dreams and plans flit in and out of ones mind. Yet as time moves on and you learn more about yourself, your vision is honed. I am getting closer to this point where I have to decide which routes I want to take, which visions I want to run with. My vision for my life is simple and very clear to me. I have a vision that incorporates what I see to be 3 areas of my life which are so interwoven. I have a vision of being a woman more in tune with her spirit every day, I am a spirit being. What more? I believe I have the Holy Spirit residing in me, guiding me teaching me and leading me. I want to be a woman who communes more with the Holy Spirit. I have the vision to be a great writer, one of the greatest ever in fact. The third aspect of my vision is to marry and build a home alongside my husband, have and bring up children who will be well equipped to follow visions of their own. My vision for Nigeria is for her to take her rightful place among other nations of the earth. Primarily I want to see poverty eliminated and good political leadership established at all levels. This I believe cannot be achieved without women. For women to fully express themselves, some issues have to be addressed. Here there are so many issue. I believe that women are key to Nigeria’s advancement. I am particularly interested in widowhood rites and rights. I want to see a Nigeria where poverty has been eliminated through the efforts of women and men who have been empowered to free themselves from the chains of oppression and repression that society slings around so many necks. I believe being a correspondent will help me to improve my writing skills, I believe that I will be better equipped to share my vision of a better Nigeria with the world. For me writing is the primary tool I can Identify presently to help me see my vision for Nigeria become reality.I will also be able to share the challenges, problems and experiences unique to Nigerian women with the world. This way I can also help to garner some solutions that may be applicable from around the world. This is why I want to be a correspondent.


It is great to see someone young and so passionate wanting to make the world a better place. I love your dreams for yourself and your country! I love seeing someone working hard to turn their dreams into reality and hope you do become a correspondent to train you and give you the skills needed to help bring change to your country.


Thank you for your post - I'm glad to have had the opportunity to read and evaluate your week 4 assignment. The world is better for having women like you with such a positive vision!


I absolutely loved your post. It was written very clear and resonated very deep within me. I think it is great that you are in touch with your spirituality. I grew up as a Christian and have thought and struggled with spirituality for many years. I think it is hard to deny that we are spiritual beings. You have a very powerful vision and I can tell that you are an extremely passionate and powerful woman through your words. I wish you the very best of luck on achieving your vision.


Your spirit shines in your posts and I am so happy that you have a chance to go on with VOF. It is a joy to read your journal and I know that you have inspired many with your generous heart and love. I look forward to reading more from you and wish you all the very best.